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Lobster Parm is here, and it lives in Tribeca

Hoping to hit the sweet spot of not-too-fancy and not-too-casual (which is pretty difficult to hit in Tribeca), Morsi is a brand-new Italian restaurant that's doing up small plate-style modern Italian ("morsi" = Italian for "bites"), along with pizza, pasta, and three different kinds of Parm, including... it can't be... are you sure??... OK, you're sure... LOBSTER. FREAKING. PARM.

The dining room is beautiful, sleek, and relatively sparse except for a wall lined with old-school NYC photos, a marquee-style Morsi sign, and two living walls.

All of which you probably don't care a whole lot about when there's still the unresolved thing about the THREE types of Parm. In addition to the lobster one (which is butterflied, pounded, breaded, and then cooked in duck fat before being topped off with lobster fra diavolo -- oh, and it's served with black linguine that also has lobster in it), there's also chicken Parm and duck Parm, which is topped with taleggio as well as dates, Brussels sprouts, and pancetta.

Other non-Parm, non-pasta dishes include shareables like this Spanish-style octopus a la plancha with olives and Yukon Gold potatoes.

For post- and pre-Parm activities, there's also a beautiful bar with Italian takes on classic cocktails, like a limoncello margarita, plus their wines (which are stored in a windowed, temp-controlled room right next to the bar) are curated by the nearby New York Vintners.

Andrew Zimmer is Thrillist's New York Editor and if it was up to him, everything would be Parm'd. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.