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This Tribeca noodle house will make you forget about ramen

Because you can't have delicious, delicious ramen for every meal (well, we guess technically you can, but still...), switch things up at Tribeca's Daruma-ya, an izakaya and soba house armed with noodles specially made by a soba master who turns them into seafood- and meat-laden culinary beauties.

Soba NYC

Pull up a seat at the bar (yes, this used to be the former Greenwich Grill), order a whiskey, and rest assured that they still have the underground Sushi Azabu here.

They've got two types of soba on order: 1) the cold soba, which comes with dipping sauces like sweet soy and sake sauce, or a duck broth with medallions of tender goodness, and 2) the hot soba (the photo wayyyyy up top), which comes topped with things like shrimp tempura, or Nameko mushroom.

You should definitely also check out their small sharing plates on the izakaya-style menu. In particular, the thick cuts of pork belly topped with just a dab of mustard. We call this the "Bowl Of Huge Bacon" bowl.

Get some action from the sea as well, including a miso cod, uni, and salmon roe on tofu, or this bowl of clams steamed in Hakushu 12Yr Whisky. Feel free to dip your noodles in here, too. And your face.

Andrew Zimmer is Thrillist's NYC Editor and eats soba for lunch at least twice a week. He totally believes it's good for you. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.