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Uber Is Offering $5 Rides and Free Pizza for 5 Days

pizza pie

Continuing its mission of trying (successfully) to woo us with things we love (puppies, kittens, ice cream), this week, Uber's really going for your heart: with pizza.

In honor of its fifth year in New York, Uber is saying thanks to the city and its totally respectful residents by offering $5 uberPool flat rates and free pizza for five days. Each day will highlight a different NYC borough, with the flat rate offered on trips that begin and end in that specific borough, along with a free slice of pizza from different beloved spots in said borough.

To get the free pizza, just show your Uber app on your phone at participating locations from 11am-6pm. It's well worth the 10 minutes of awkward co-riding time with Tim the junior product designer from Boise who loves Dave Matthews Band. 

Participating pizza locations include:

Monday, May 2nd: Staten Island  
Joe and Pat's   

Tuesday, May 3rd: Bronx 
Emilio’s of Morris Park
Full Moon Pizza  

Wednesday, May 4th: Queens 
Rizzo’s Fine Pizza 
Artichoke Basille’s Pizza
Lillian’s Pizzeria  

Thursday, May 5th: Brooklyn 
Williamsburg Pizza 
Two Boots 
Di Fara Pizza (12pm-6pm)  

Friday, May 6th: Manhattan  
Two Boots 
Artichoke Basille’s Pizza 
Rizzo’s Fine Pizza 
Williamsburg Pizza 
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Lucy Meilus is Thrillist's New York editor and the first person on earth to try eating pizza while walking. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram