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These Ramen Tacos Are Your Next Taco Tuesday Go-To

In a world where Instagram dictates the latest fad foods, Union Square’s Ichiba Ramen is taking hold of one of the most viral sensations, the ramen taco, and making sure the fusion creation actually tastes as good as it looks.

Instead of molding a pack of 59 cent instant ramen into a rubbery shell filled with standard Mexican-American taco fillings as per the internet fad, Chef Erica Oh and her team have elevated the ramen taco by creating a larger (and more authentic) version that works as a more substantial meal. Ichiba makes legit taco shells by lining fresh nori with ramen noodles, allowing for a sturdier, crispier shell and a more flavorful experience.

The hefty tacos cost $11.95 each, and can be ordered two different ways: Tonkatsu style with pork belly, extra ramen inside the taco (instead of just along the shell’s edges), a heap of toppings including kimchee slaw, mozzarella, Kewpie (a popular Japanese mayo), and grilled corn; or Poke style with yellowfin tuna, ramen, avocado, wasabi mayo, and roe. But don’t make a mad dash to Union Square just yet -- these creations are truly a labor of love and only served on Taco Tuesday, meaning that the undeniable best day of the whole week just got a whole lot better.

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Tanner Saunders is an editorial taco assistant at Thrillist. Follow him on Instagram