Union Fare's Stuffed Croissants Let You Have Dessert for Breakfast


NYC has a long history of upgrading the basic croissant, from City Bakery's Pretzel Croissant to the almighty Cronut® -- but there's one variation the city has been missing up until this point: a stuffed croissant.

That's where Union Fare comes in. Since opening earlier this year, the massive Union Square gastrohall has been making croissants in traditional cake flavors (red velvet, birthday cake) and stuffing them with with custard. The red velvet in particular is made with cream cheese custard and topped with red velvet icing and cake crumbles. It's not exactly the cleanest thing to consume while rushing into the office, but if you're craving dessert in the AM, this is what you need. Find out more about Union Fare's stuffed croissants by checking out the video above.

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