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NYC's Union Fare Claims to Have the 'Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich'

Published On 10/24/2016 Published On 10/24/2016

There's probably no city better known for its breakfast sandwiches than New York. Whether it's a standard bacon, egg, and cheese on a toasted hard roll from a bodega or a dressed-up version on brioche from a restaurant totally devoted to them, New Yorkers have a passionate attachment to the breakfast sandwich and will fiercely defend their personal favorite to the death.

In an attempt to capitalize on the staple sandwich and the city's obsession with brunch in general, newly opened gastrohall/restaurant Union Fare has created what it's literally calling the Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich, complete with freshly baked cinnamon rolls, yolky egg, apple sausage, vanilla icing made with bacon fat, and bacon sprinkled on top. It's certainly not your corner bodega's breakfast sandwich, but does the sandwich live up to its name? Watch the video above to see for yourself.

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1. Union Fare 6 E 18th St, New York, NY 10003 (Union Square)

This massive 25,000sqft space inside the old Union Square Barnes & Noble has it all: a food hall, cafe, bakery, bar, and restaurant. The full-service restaurant emphasizes seasonal American food, and its menu is appropriately packed with oysters, charcuterie, seafood and vegetable plates, and entrées like crispy baked chicken and Maine lobster fettucine. Separate from the restaurant, Union Fare's so-called “gastrohall” serves salads, pizza, poke, tacos, burgers, and pastries all day long.



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