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Exactly what you think of, when you think of a West Village French spot

Charlemagne interior

Housed in a landmarked building that was formerly owned by the neighboring church, and was more recently a sex shop (god apparently didn't approve), this imperially named and triangularly shaped French spot's chef comes from Casa Pomona and Sel et Gras. She's plating slightly Spanish-influenced fare like steak tartare with Catalan aioli, a duck confit sandwich, and a massive grilled bone-in ribeye for two -- though try to horde it, and you and your dinner guest certainly won't get along… get along Kid Charlemagne, get along Kid Charlemagne… bwaaaa dadada diddlydoodooodoo bwaaa bwaa

Charlemagne steak tartare
Charlemagne Bar
Charlemagne Spring Salad