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The Woods is now a backyard bacon Tiki garden

Landhaus at The Woods
Jennifer Bui

After years of running a taco truck out of its backyard, The Woods in Williamsburg is changing the game with a brand-new back bar (!!!) that's slinging Tiki cocktails, as well as an actual full kitchen operated by Landhaus, whose famed Maple Bacon Stick highlights an almost entirely new menu filled with crowd pleasing eats (assuming the crowd is into fried chicken, burgers, and grilled cheese).

Scope the new setup out back, and don't worry -- things are still getting crazy here. In fact, Landhaus will occasionally suspend silverware just in case.

A whole new set of cocktails are available only at the back bar, and they include a frozen painkiller dusted with nutmeg (that's the one in the coconut) and a Zombie tweaked with homemade ginger syrup for a little extra bite in the Moai.

That's the stuff.

They've done burgers in the past, but this new delicious mess is a lamb patty (mixed with just a bit of pork fatback) that's covered in whipped feta, harissa, and charred onions.

Have three cheeses ever looked better?

The family recipe ribs are a little sweet and a little spicy, covered in peanuts and cilantro, braised and then fried, and 100% worth the mess.

If you like things you dip into sauce rather than things totally covered in it, step up to the Southern-fried chicken wings with hot and buttermilk-dill ranch sauces. Also good for people who are just really into fried chicken.

What actually might be the go-to dish amongst many go-to dishes are the duck wings; these slow-braised-then-crisped drumsticks are covered in Thai basil and chili, and are great for washing down sticks of bacon.

Andrew Zimmer is Thrillist's NYC Editor and thinks more meats should come on a stick. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.