Icy goodness from a former adult star

Breaking into the mainstream after working in p**n isn't impossible for a guy, after all, just look at Ron Jeremy. Hmmm, actually... don't do that. Actually making that transition, the dude behind The NY Ice Connection.

The NYIC is a new rolling truck serving up the sweetest of East coast sugary summer specialties, from a guy previously best known as the director of MILF Jugs and the star of the series The Sop**nos, which is like the Sopranos but with way more whacking off. The truck's similarly mob-themed, with the logo a play on The Godfather, Rat Pack-era music announcing their arrival, and flavors tangentially named for infamous fictional/non-fictional mobsters, like "Cherry Capone", "Sour Apple Sammy", and "Bugsy Blue Raspberry", which is responsible for turning your mouth blue, not just Annette Bening. They've also got non-fruit flavors like "Bumpy 'Chocolate' Johnson", "Cotton Candy Corleone", and "Root Beer Spallone", which is a play on the owner's name, or so he'll claim to Sly's lawyer.

If you're still not satisfied, you can ask 'em to mix flavors together, and, though they're on Twitter, so far they've been popping up in the Valley, which would be a great place to break into the mainstream, if it weren't a backwater.