NYC Brewer's Choice

Bringing the underground's greatest hits to the masses can be gratifying, unless the underground is Digital, in which case you'd just have 15 tracks of "Humpty Dance". Shining a spotlight on underground brews: the NYC Brewer's Choice event.From industry vets whose collective belt has under it everything from Jimmy's No. 43 to Meatopia, Choice's gathering 20+ brewers from across the continent and requesting they bring along "special selections" from their portfolios to pair with next-level noshes -- some highlights:The Bruery: Trade Winds TripelA "big, dense, and creamy" ale that pairs well with "sharp cheese" (provided by the Hampton's Lucy's Whey and England's Somerdale), this CA-based Trappist tribute hails from Placentia, fitting, as its 8+ ABV may leave you acting like a baby.Brooklyn Brewery: Black OpsThis potent small batch offering's the ideal companion to "chocolates and fine desserts" (Brooklyn's Mast Brothers and Somerville's Taza stone ground chocolate will be present), having been aged in bourbon barrels for four months and then re-fermented in the bottle with Champagne yeast, aka the anti Tinactinger.Two Brothers Brewing Co.: Heavy Handed IPA The Heavy's for meats (to be furnished by High Plains Bison, Salumeria Biellese, and the Meat Hook, among others) due to its medium body, malty backbone, and "typically American" hops, which Pau Gasol has proven you don't need to make it in the NBA.While guests can pair at their pleasure, two specific pairings have been inextricably linked: Mile End's Montreal-style smoked brisket'll be served alongside Quebec-based Dieu Du Ciel, and a pumpkin saison from Sixpoint's to go with charcuterie & sausage from Resto, a combo that'll ensure your only sex packets are courtesy of Shock G.