We Tested Wendy’s New Fries in Every Possible Condition

Thrillist/Mia Coleman

For too long, the humble fry has been overlooked when it comes to rating and ranking America’s favorite burger joints. While avid readers will know me as our resident Wendy’s® fan, it's not like I ever went in just for the fries. Nationwide, fries tend to suffer on the "crisp factor" — even the best fries lose about 99% of their appeal once they’ve cooled off. Could anyone solve this problem?

Only the brain trust at Wendy’s.

They’ve come out with an under-wraps new formula for fries that promises to be hotter, crispier, and better than ever. They guarantee their fries are hot and crispy or they will replace them. Here at Thrillist, though, we don’t just take people’s word for it. We test, re-test, and eat as many fries as possible. Or maybe that’s just me. Anyway, here are the results:

First impressions: positive. They are, indeed, hot and crispy fries, with a light dusting of sea salt. So far, so good. I carried this bounty home — a 10-minute walk in 60° weather — and then re-sampled them. Yep: still hot, still crispy. Now, Wendy’s, you have my attention.

I dunked a handful of fries into my chocolate Frosty® treat, which is how Wendy’s stans get that sweet and savory combo punch. The crispiness held up and delivered that salty-chocolatey goodness. How about just one fry? That, too, managed to stay crispy despite the soaking of chocolate. At this point, I’m legitimately impressed.

Of course, we had to test the new fries in all the dipping sauces Wendy’s has to offer: sweet and sour, BBQ, honey mustard, ranch, and ghost pepper ranch. They received high marks across the board, especially with the honey mustard and ghost pepper ranch. Even the plain ranch proved tasty, despite the fact that I’m not a big ranch-on-fries guy.

The final test would have to wait, since we needed to evaluate the longevity of the fries. After a good 45 minutes of sitting out on my table, they remained crispy. All in all, I’m pleasantly surprised with the new formula — Wendy’s has finally perfected their fries, completing their menu lineup of all-star items.

At participating U.S. Wendy’s.