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The Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Paris

Published On 08/24/2016 Published On 08/24/2016

Hank Vegan Burger

Le Marais

For diners who are under the misconception that vegan burgers have to be any less sumptuous than their meat-based counterpart, this is the place to be proved wrong. Located on a busy street in the bustling Marais area, this tiny fast-food restaurant serves up vegan burgers to a hip, young crowd. Try the La Catcheuse, topped with vegan cheese, mustard, and alfalfa, and choose from sides of vegan coleslaw, fries, or salad. They offer both soft drinks and beer, and yes, everything is organic. Pro tip: the stairs to the right look tiny, but the space above is actually quite ample and has a very laid-back vibe.

Gentle Gourmet Paris

Gentle Gourmet


If you are up for some cruelty-free fine dining in the city of lights, this charming venue serves vegan haute cuisine, and they do it well. An essentially French menu with Italian and Asian influences, the ever-changing options are always interesting here. Make sure to prepare for this one by eating a very light lunch -- you’ll want to have several courses. The house-made ravioli stuffed with tofu and sea lettuce packs heaps of flavor, while the dessert tartelette with Morello cherries hits that perfect balance between tart and sweet. Don’t miss out on the vegan cheese plate, with a selection of three fermented cashew cheeses served with buckwheat crackers. The wine list is carefully selected, with exclusively organic, vegan wines, so take your pick. The dishes are aesthetically delightful, too -- we bet you’ll want to add it to your Snap story.

Le Templier de Montmartre


This small bistro, located by the little square at Abbesses, looks like your run-of-the-mill, average quality Parisian restaurant, but don’t be fooled. Run by a couple with an interest in healthy cooking, they offer a selection of both vegan and vegetarian platters that are creative and enjoyable. Check out the vegan platter, which comes with vegetable rolls, quinoa salad, and house-made olive tapenade; the tofu burger with mushrooms; or the "salade Montmartre," which is topped with a very tasty vegetable quiche (which is vegetarian but not vegan).


42 Degrés


This very chic eatery specializes in raw food. The menu changes daily, but you can be sure to find tasty variations on raw lasagna, or "pasta" dishes made with spiralized vegetables, legume salads, and interesting sauces and stuffings. The restaurant is decorated in a minimalistic manner that suits the food, but is better for a lunch with friends rather than a romantic dinner. Located in a busy area with a lot of young professionals, it fills up quickly at lunch time, so consider stopping here a little early or late. Also, bring cash -- they don’t take credit cards.

L’As du Fallafel

Le Marais

This historic quartier used to be home to the Jewish community in Paris, which still is noticeable in the character of the energetic Rue des Rosiers. This is the place to go for kosher pizza or traditional Jewish baked goods, and definitely come here for the falafel. L’As du Fallafel is the most famous falafel stand, and there is always a long line of people waiting for their pitas, filled with grilled vegetables, piquant red sauce, and those crispy-on-the-outside, flavorful-and-fluffy-on-the-inside, deep-fried chickpea delights. Eat your falafel standing in the street, or peep around the corner to Place des Vosges, the beautiful, early 17th-century square that was once home to Victor Hugo, to sit down on the grass and people watch.

Sol Semilla

Sol Semilla Cantine

Canal Saint-Martin

Famed for being one of the oldest vegetarian restaurants in Paris, Sol Semilla was there even before gentrification rendered this one of the coolest neighborhoods in Paris. Part restaurant, part boutique for healthy, vegan superfoods that are both organic and fair trade, Sol Semilla offers colorful and beautifully crafted meals that leave you glowing. While in the area, make sure to take a walk along the canal, where groups of students, unshaven artsy types, hipsters with fixie bikes, and Parisian families alike hang out. There are heaps of cafés and some interesting shops along the quai, and it is the place to see and be seen on a sunny afternoon.

Udon Jubey


The Rue Sainte-Anne is famed for its array of Asian restaurants and food shops. Udon Jubey is one of the slightly fancier options, and although not strictly a vegetarian restaurant, they have a vegetarian dish so good that it’s the only choice you’d ever need: the delectable udon bowl with tofu. They also offer up a selection of vegetable and mushroom tempura that shouldn’t be missed.

Brasserie Lola

Brasserie Lola


The only left bank restaurant on our list, this one’s worth a special trip if you’re not in the area. Decorated like most of the hip, young restaurants in Paris in an industrial, but cozy style, Brasserie Lola offers an entirely vegan menu with scrumptious versions of typically French bistro food, occasionally infused with Asian spices and flavors. The vegetable risotto served with beet chips, and the spicy noodle salad with samosas and fried tofu are both great choices. Make sure to save some room for dessert -- go for the house-made vegan sorbet!

Le Potager de Charlotte

Le Potager de Charlotte


This small, vegan restaurant and juice bar, open four days a week, has a menu which rotates based on the season and what was good at the market. Beautifully plated, these social media-friendly plates will make you smile before devouring them. Opened in 2015, the restaurant has received acclaim in the vegetarian community, and has been featured on French television (which is extra impressive given the, you know, lack of meat). They have an all-day breakfast menu during weekends, and also offer beer and wine, in case all that unending healthiness is freaking you out.


El Guacamole


This taqueria, hidden on a back street behind the bustling Place de la République, is not as famous as Candelaria in the trendy area of Haut Marais, but on the other hand, you don’t have to dress up and stand in line forever. Also, the food is amazing, and veers more on street food than fine dining. Go for a fixed set of three vegetarian tacos and a Mexican beer -- the Nopalitos with cactus, and Champiñones with mushrooms, peppers, and onions with guacamole. There are flaming hot condiments to throw on, too. While in the area, check out the neighboring street, rue de Marseille, which is lined with outlet stores of chic French brands such as Maje, Claudie Pierlot, and A.P.C.

Vegan Folie's


As long as you are in Paris, it would be a shame to miss out on the world of French baked goods. At Vegan Folie's, you can have your pick and be sure that nothing animal-related crosses your lips, so go ahead and go crazy. Our favorites are the dark chocolate and cherry cupcake, carrot cake, and chocolate and caramel baked cheesecake. Come by for a piece of cake sur place, or order a personalized cake for a special occasion.

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1. Hank Vegan Burger 55 rue des Archives, Paris, 75003

The meatless beef steaks that base every burger at Hank could pass as the real thing. Each a massive creation between a sesame seed bun, the four burger options range widely -- there's the basic La Catcheuse, the bbq sauce-slathered L'Allume, the coriander-laden Le Petit Nerveux, and the Tata Monique, and Italian venture with black olives and tomato-basil sauce. They're enough to fill you up on their own, but they wouldn't be complete without the added side of outwardly crispy and inwardly flufly Belgian-style fries.

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2. Gentle Gourmet Café 24 boulevard de la Bastille, Paris, 75012

Sitting neatly in a corner spot in Quinze-Vingts, is the image of Paris' chic style, which shines through in its minimalist decor, sleek furniture, and floral centerpieces. The food is no exception -- starters and main courses like avocado mousse dip and oil-grilled kimchi look more like pieces of contemporary art you'd find up the canal at The Louvre than something you'd get at a raw and vegan restaurant.

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3. Le Templier de Montmartre 9 rue des Abbesses, Paris, 75018

More than meets the eye, this bite-sized bistro just above St. Georges offers up gorgeous breakfasts, salads, and sandwiches. Here's the kicker: the health-conscious chef couple, most everything made in the cramped quarters of the kitchen is or can be made vegan or vegetarian. Never sacrificing style for health, even the portobello-based veggie burgers maintain serious detail with gooey fried eggs and colorful raw vegetable mixes.

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4. 42 Degrés 109 rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, Paris, 75009

This bare-bones, cash-only spot split straight between 9th and 10th Arr. keeps everything under 42 degrees Celsius (that's about 107 degrees for the Americans), which means this places specialty ifs raw food. The hyperlocal menu changes with the ebb and flow of everyday availability, but the young professionals who crowd this joint at lunch time are never left without a few choices of house-made vegetable pastas and salads.

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5. L'As du Fallafel 34 Rue des Rosiers, Paris, 75004

Rue des Rosiers has a number of places that claim to have Paris' best falafel, but we'll let the fact that L'as du Fallafel is the only one with a seemingly endless line speak for itself. This famous Marais spot serves up enviable pita sandwiches with freshly fried falafel, requisite creamy hummus, mild pickled red cabbage, fried eggplant, and more. The real L'As experts know to order french fries on top of their mass of chickpeas and veggies.

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6. Semilla 54 rue de Seine, Paris, 75006

There’s something cool and calming about this industrial-chic restaurant that beckons on a hot summery day. There’s no terrace, but it’s better to be inside, focused on the scrumptious food. A la carte meals are fine and all, but if you want to go big, try the tasting menu at dinner -- just sit back and let the food come to you. Daily offerings keep things exciting, but staples include half plates of fresh ceviche and sesame grilled Portobello mushrooms.

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7. Udon Jubey 39 Rue Sainte Anne, Paris,

In the vast array of Asian restaurants along the concentrated Rue Sainte-Anne, Udon Jubey is an option that's just a little upmarket. A mass of tourists, shoppers, and regulars flock to this spot for te signature pho, big filling bowls of beef broth, chewy noodles, and any variety of proteins like the traditional seared beef or pork, vegetarian-friendly tofu, or or even more experimental items like fried chicken.

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8. Brasserie Lola 99 rue du Théâtre, Paris, 75015

This cozy lamp-lit left bank spot is a all-vegan venture specializing in traditional Fresh Bistro food. Alongside basic sandwiches and veggie-centric dishes like risotto with little bits of roasted beet, Lola pulls heavy inspiration from Japan and other Asian cultures to create rich and spicy mains like noodle salad with samosas and fried tofu to serve up to couples on dinner dates in their romantic-yet-industrial space.

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9. Le Potager de Charlotte 12 Rue De La Tour D'Auvergne, Paris, 75009

The artfully plated dishes at Le Potager de Charlotte are entirely vegan and have garnered a significant following and amount of critic attention for a restaurant that's only been open since 2015. The unpredictable menu changes with the season and nearby availability, but if one thing is guaranteed here, it's that you're going to want to document whatever it is that lands on your plate -- and the fresh-pressed fruit and veggie juices.

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10. El Guacamole 37 rue Yves Toudic, Paris, 75010

You've probably dressed to the nines and waited in line for hours at the more well-known Candelaria in the trendier part of town, and you might have regretted it. Enter El Guacamole: this Mexican eatery hiding behind a rusty green garage door leans more on the side of street food but combines Hispanic and French flavor pallets with tacos and enchiladas packed with mushrooms, cactus, onions and flaming-hot sauces.

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11. Vegan Folie's 53 rue Mouffetard, Paris,

In a city, or make that country, packed to the brim with famous bakeries, Vegan Folie's is a dream for Paris-dwelling vegans. In a cute, green storefront only big enough for the counter and a single two-seat bar, this bakery whips up cruelty-free cookies, brownies, cakes, and most notably, cupcakes with flavors like strawberry bergamot and raspberry pistachio with pastel-colored, jellied icing toppings. Sure, there are a few daily-made sandwiches, too, but we know that's not really what you came for.