The 10 Best Burger Spots in Paris' Changing Food Scene


The 10 Best Burger Spots in Paris' Changing Food Scene
The 10 Best Burger Spots in Paris' Changing Food Scene


France's food scene is changing. Sure, it's still got more Michelin stars than anywhere else, but it's also now the biggest market for McDonald's in the word (outside the US). Fast & slow food are going mano-a-mano, and battle has already commenced in Paris… but where the two meet, the results can be straight-up delicious, with spots now rapidly popping-up all over the city that serve their all-American beefwiches with some classic Franco-flair. Here are the 10 best…


1. Blend
The self-proclaimed “hamburger gourmet” restaurant, Blend, is exactly that: all hamburgers, all the time. Since opening in 2011, the spot is so popular that they have two locations, both centrally located. Their signature sandwich includes a balsamic vinaigrette, Bleu d’Auvergne, and Emmental. The burger with the Frenchest of twists is definitely the "Herbs" loaded up w/ chevre frais & Herbes de Provence, which you can build upon with a swig from their plentiful carafes of red.

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2. Camion Qui Fume
So Paris may not have as many food trucks as other foodie capitals, but at the very least they've ante'd up a burger truck, and an amazing one at that. Serving up seven different types of burgers (including one made with braised pork, doused in BBQ sauce, and topped w/ 'slaw), they routinely sell out, so get there fast.


3. Razowski
Another one of the American eateries à la Brooklyn (think loft and a minimalist aesthetic) Rawzowski has been on the radar since the Parisian burger trend started, and've stayed there thanks to deliciousness like their foie gras-topped number, pairing it with a double layer of meat.

La Penderie Restaurant

4. La Penderie
This right here? This is the "Mega Cheeseburger". This monster is just one of the reasons that LP is one of the more popular cow-puck slingers in the city. If the gourmand menu and the burger aren’t enough for you, there’s plenty more comfort food on the menu, such as their awesomely deep-fried cheese bites.


5. Floors
If you’re looking for mid-century Americana (and why wouldn't you be??), this place has it. In a corner building near Sacre Coeur, it’s three stories of fast food (or at least the French understanding thereof) that serves up plenty of burgers, including a pretty spectacular number loaded w/ blue cheese.

Paris New York

6. Paris New York
Specializing in gourmet hamburgers, Paris New York has a menu that always features a few specials. Of course you can add smoked pork belly to any burger, and in good 'ol American style, do the “double double” for only 3.50€ and get a burger that’s twice as big. Paris New York also serves Loaded Fries, loaded because they are topped with 18-month-old cheddar cheese. Highbrow, meet lowbrow.

Big Fernand

7. Big Fernand
This “atelier hamburger” (literally: hamburger workshop) doesn’t mess around when it comes to its cow-candy. You make your own burger, deciding which meat (there’s veal, lamb, etc.), cheese, and condiments to put on, or you can choose from one of their classic combos. But just because the menu screams America, don’t be fooled for a second, you are still in Paris: the people who work here literally all have mustaches and berets.

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8. Breakfast in America
Unashamedly positioning itself as a traditional American diner, BIA is slapped right in the heart of Paris, and as such you can get the full offering of diner delights, including 14 kinds of burger (incl. a Supper Sunny, w/ a fried egg on top), and the most American of treats; French toast.

Coffee Parisien

9. Coffee Parisien
Don’t let the name fool you, the menu at Coffee Parisien serves up “American Food with a French Touch” -- they even have Gulden’s on every table. In the heart of Saint Germain, you’ll be shocked to know that even Parisians (at least the left-bankers) go here. Lots of them. And you can happily bite down on the "Obamac’ Burger", which comes complete with an American flag.


10. Bioburger
After walking past a few outdoor markets, you’ll be inspired to go a little more conscious with your fast food. Bioburger is here to help. The burgers are 100 percent organic and you’re encouraged to add everything from bacon to cheese to top-off your meal. And just in case you came to Paris in search of vegetarian food (in which case you may want to rethink your destination of choice, and indeed your entire lifestyle), any of the burgers can be made with a tofu steak a la provencale.

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Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
1. Bioburger 46 Passage choiseul, Paris, 75002 (Louvre)

Bioburger serves up 100 percent organic beef discs, which are fully customizable, and if you're against that whole eating animals thing, they can make any of their burgers with a tofu steak a la provencale.

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2. Coffee Parisien 4 Rue Princesse, Paris, 75006 (St Germain Des Pres)

This resto might be smack dab in the middle of Paris, but you wouldn't know it by looking at the American menu, featuring BBQ spare ribs, and eight kinds of burgers, one of which is named after Obama!

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3. Breakfast in America 17 rue des Écoles, Paris, 75005

If you're longing for a taste of the good ol' USA, it makes sense to grab a bite at Breakfast in America, which serves up traditional 'Merican food like tasty burgers (14 kinds) and creamy milkshakes.

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4. Big Fernand 32 rue Saint-Sauveur, Paris, 75002 (Louvre)

Big Fernand crafts burgers your way, letting you choose whatever meat (beef, chicken, veal, or lamb), cheese, and toppings you like. Or, you can pick one of their classic burger combos off the menu and the beret-donning 'wich builders will have it to you in a jiffy.

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5. Paris New York 50 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, Paris, 75010

Paris New York plates seven mouth-watering burgers, each distinct in its own flavors. Everyday brings new specials and if you're keeping with American tradition, you'll want to "double double" your burger and get an order of cheese-loaded fries.

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6. Floors 100 Rue Myrha, Paris, 75018 (Monmartre)

This place believes in honesty in advertising, offering three floors of food that includes fish and chips, and tasty burgers that'll remind you of the States for sure.

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7. La Penderie 17 Rue Étienne Marcel, Paris, 75002 (Le Marais)

La Penderie doles out fine fare and quality comfort food in the from of enormous burgers, fries, and deep-fried cheese, while also offering comfort in the form of a full bar.

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8. Razowski 38 Place du Marché Saint-Honoré, Paris, 75001 (Louvre)

The name might sound a little funny, but there's definitely nothing funny about the quality burgers this place slings, which includes a foie gras version that is on point by American burger standards, as well as Parisian food standards.

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9. Blend 44 Rue d'Argout, Paris, 75002

This gourmet burger joint offers nine different varieties of burgers, ranging from salmon with guac and bacon, to their Herbs burger, which comes with chevre frais and herbes de provence.