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A dozen craft drafts, deep fried mac, and pork belly LTs

Some of the best business names are honest, straightforward descriptions, like Bed, Bath, and Beyond, The Container Store, and Hot Topic, cause everyone's having discussions about tube tops. Telling you exactly what it is: Philadelphia Bar & Restaurant.In a blatant attempt to make search engines explode, PBR is (surprise!) an airy gastropub boasting its previous meat-store incarnation's white butcher tile, now augmented by brick walls, exposed steel beams, and two bars made of rough-hewn silver maple that's spalted, which's a natural coloring caused by fungus, so don't have sex with it. Starters and snacks include mussels prepped w/ sausage & bourbon, crispy eggplant fries w/ a goat cheese emulsion, deep-fried mac & cheese, and a grilled bread/heirloom tomato/basil Panzanella, a Northern Italian dish that's traditionally known as a "leftover salad", aka whatever hasn't already been tossed. Entree selections'll increase in the coming weeks, but right now include updates to classic sammies like the PBLT, prepped with pork belly confit and pancetta mayo; a scrapple-filled, fried egg-topped cheesesteak; a chickpea burger; and fish tacos stuffed with fried tilapia and shaved cabbage, which clearly isn't Brazilian.Custom cocktails like a Pyrat Rum Traditional Daiquiri are being tested although nothing's final, but there's plenty of beer: 28 bottles of domestics and crafts along with 12 taps hosting suds like Troegs Hop Back and Leffe Blonde, which seems like a straightforward description, until you realize it's actually a Leffe Brun who stopped by Hot Topic.