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Philly's first Korean cheesesteak and taco cart

From an ex-Drexel culinary student who bought a bunch of cheeses so she could a) study which melted best into super-thin Bulgogi beef, and b) make hilarious jokes about cutting them, KAMI is Philly's first-ever Korean-American cheesesteak and taco cart.Cheesesteaks are meated with spicy chicken, pork, or Korean-style beef that won't lead to nuclear attacks, then topped with melted cream cheese and/or prov, and finished off with homemade kimchi and secret-recipe hot sauce.For $5, you'll get a couple tacos (hard- or soft-shelled) filled with marinated beef, cheddar, sour cream, cucumber, carrot relish, and gochujang, which's either what you say when you catch Jang, or a fermented red chili paste made using a 16th-century recipe.The menu also offers more traditional dishes like stir fry, bibimbap, curry rice, and this grilled burger patty served over Korean slaw, which's super popular in the far(t)-East.