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Twice-fried chicken in Midtown Village

From the dudes behind Chestnut St's Spice 28, Chick-A-Licious is a Korean fried chicken shack that double-crisps wings and drums in seven- to 40-piece boxes and serves 'em with a buncha hot sauces like sweet chili, creamy wasabi, and spicy Buffalo, or what Annie Oakley used to say when Bill wore his bedazzled assless chaps to the bedroom

The menu features this chicken fingers-stuffed sandwich, plus Hawaiian BBQ rice bowls, but the real draw's the made-to-order, Korean-style, Tony Shalhoub-less wings

The wings get their crunch from a secret batter that took nearly a year to perfect, and combines a blend of imported flours and powders. Once they're coated, they're dropped in the $25000 Henny Penny Computron 8000, which can fry a whole chicken in four minutes

Order 'em to stay and the kitchen'll hand-brush and toss them with one of 10 house-made slatherables, including Korean honey mustard. Pro tip: don't eat a bowl of it unless you're prepared to get Kim Jong-ill

Get it to-go, and you'll get to glaze everything yourself by pouring your choice of sauce over the wings and shaking the box hard enough that you're the one who ends up assless, chap.