Food & Drink

An egg sandwich for every day of the week

Not just what you're praying your estranged, boozed-up father doesn't make at your wedding, Toast is an all-day egg sandwich cafe co-owned by 1) the girl behind Chhaya, and 2) a dude who spent so much time living in Spruce St coffee bars he finally decided to open his own, fill it with pillows and couches, and hang the chandelier from his house

There're seven different poached-egg sandwiches, all with fresh-baked English muffin "toasts", including a sausage-apples-and-cheddar, this open-faced ham & Hollandaise, and a smoked salmon with asparagus

Or, opt for a simple egg-on-toast sandwich for $2.50 that you can dress up with bow ties, ascots, or five optional toppings (ham/bacon/avo/tomato/cheddar)

If eating chicken babies isn't eggsactly your thing (but wordplay totally is!), they've even got non-egg options like a dijonnaise BLT, tuna melts, and wraps -- yet another thing you're praying your estranged, boozed-up father won't do at your wedding.