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Scissor-cut Roman pies on Spring Garden

From the dudes behind Prohibition Taproom and Cafe Lift, Bufad Pizza's an industrially charged corner pie shop baking thin-crust Neapolitans in under 2mins (with help from a 900-degree wood oven), plus pizza bread stuffed sandwiches and to-go slices. What now, Sierra Mists.There are six kinds of Neapolitans, including house-made sausage and pecorino, this sadly not-drinkable Margherita, and a clams-on-top red pie.They've also got pies that're made Roman-style (RUN JESUS!!!) and scissor-cut into inch-thick rectangles, including a cherry syrup-soaked pancetta and a butternut squash w/ Grana Padano and crushed amaretto cookie.Allergic to pizza? Well, you're super weird, but also in luck because they've got sandwich specials like this melted prov, roast pork, and salsa verde served on pizza bianca that's folded over.