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RIP: 13 shuttered Philly bars and restaurants we'll miss

Sure, some of this year's new Philly bars and restaurants may be absolute slam dunks, but if we're the 76ers, then the shuttered spots on this list are kinda like open jump shots: we're totally gonna miss them...

Little Pete's

Rittenhouse Square
Rittenhouse’s favorite 24-hour diner will say goodbye after serving the neighborhood for the last 36 years, and while the move had been rumored for a while, it doesn’t make the news any easier to swallow. The fact that there’s still Little Pete's sister location in the Art Museum area, totally does though.

Revel Casino

Atlantic City
While it may be poetic justice that Atlantic City is collapsing amidst a series of bad financial bets, the closing of the $2.1 billion (that's with a B) Revel Casino meant the end of 13 restaurants, two night clubs, and the best boozy pool party in AC.

Swartzes' Grainery Restaurant Group

Multiple locations
What’s the easiest way to ruin your restaurant empire? Do what the dude behind the Farmers' Cabinet, Sutton's Parlor, Logan Goat, and more allegedly did and not pay your staff. Or your landlords.


Rittenhouse Square
It was just about a year ago that we were telling you about the opening of Avance, Justin Bogle's ambitious reopening in the former Le Bec-Fin space, but absolutely gorgeous food from the former two-Michelin star chef and a prime location apparently weren't enough to keep the restaurant afloat.


Bella Vista
While Bella Vista has no shortage of good restaurants, we'll still miss the great brunches, the fireplace (in the winter), and food served in cast iron skillets.

Nodding Head Brewery

Rittenhouse Square
Granted, there are other microbreweries around the city, but we will still miss Nodding Hill's diverse selection of beers made in-house. In particular, owner Curt Decker's Ich Bin Ein Berliner Weisse, which has placed a few times in the few World Beer Cup. Luckily, rumor has a re-imagined Nodding Head is opening somewhere in the Philly area in the next year.

Blue Belly BBQ

Bella Vista
Despite the pedigree of owner/husband-wife team Gene and Annie Giuffi (who also own nearby pork-centric Cochon) and generally positive reviews, BB BBQ closed this year, taking some drool worthy brisket that we'll definitely miss with it.

Tangier Bar and Restaurant

Rittenhouse Square
Great wings, dog friendly, and $3 mystery beer? All things that Thrillist can get behind. Unfortunately, owner Jack Roe has decided to cash in and sell the property he has owned and operated for the last 32 years. What's going to replace it (maybe a deli?) is still a mystery, just not as good of one as the aforementioned beers.

Lemon Hill

You'd think the crew behind the uber-successful Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co. and solid reviews would be enough to keep a place afloat, but unfortunately you needed to work at a mortgage & investment company to afford their admittedly sweet cocktails.


Market East
We know, we know. Lolilta is back open again after temporary closure for renovation. We are lamenting the now defunct bring-your-own-tequila policy. BYO tequila always made for a good date (and a rough next day at work), even if the pitchers of mixers were a little overpriced.

Resurrection Ale House

Graduate Hospital
Although there were varying opinions about the atmosphere (cool... trying too hard?) we will definitely miss, and sometimes dream about, the double fried honey glazed chicken and a cold beer.

Dan McKay

Steaks On South

South Street District
Late-night dinning decisions can be tough: Do you want pizza? What about a cheesesteak? Enter the greatness of Steaks On South, where you could get both at the same time.

Outdoor beer gardens?

Will 2015 spell the end of Philly’s pop-up, outdoor drinking movement? Despite immensely popular (and profitable) additions like Spruce Street Harbor and Independence Beer Garden, there is still a chance the Pennsylvania Liquor Control board will put an end to our new favorite summer tradition, and then we'll all miss out.
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