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Slurp Some of Philly’s Best Ramen This Winter

From make-at-home kits to tonkotsu delivered straight to your door.

There’s nothing like facing a winter wind tunnel and warming yourself up with a simmering bowl of ramen. Though COVID-19 keeps us indoors much more these days, the need for warmth never fades and neither does the need for ramen. Philly is home to an eclectic mix of hip, authentic, and affordable ramen destinations that experiment with different types of broth and flavor techniques, offering no shortage of options throughout the city. Warm up with some of our picks for the best ramen in town, all of which are very much deliverable.

Cheu Noodle Bar

Though Cheu’s original Washington Square West location has sadly shuttered in the wake of COVID-19, its Fishtown location is staying strong thanks to its blend of always-perfect noodles and irreverent, casual no-reservations ambiance. A few menu classics include the brisket ramen, complete with matzah ball, kimchi, and red chili broth, as well as the chili garlic pork belly with steamed buns. 
How to order: Online for pickup; Caviar or DoorDash for delivery


Go for the triple truffle mushroom when you want warm comforts with an extra kick of fancy-feeling flavor. @Ramen offers a simplified menu of four styles to which you can add extra broth, noodles, or spice. If you want something that will fill you up even more, be sure not to skip the beloved boiled pork dumplings or pork belly bao buns.
How to order: Grubhub for delivery or pickup

Terakawa Ramen

University City, Chinatown
Terakawa borrows its recipes from the historic Kumamoto area of Japan. As such, you can expect the broth to be simmered for no less than two days, offering an extra rich flavor that’s hard to come by in typical ramen. Noodles are handmade and come straight or wavy, depending on the dish. 
How to order: Online for pickup; DoorDash for delivery

Neighborhood Ramen

Headhouse Square
Bring the experience home with one of Neighborhood Ramen’s make-at-home ramen kits, now available for Saturday pickup for a little mix to your quarantine cooking activities. Every Monday the shop releases some specials to choose from for the week—a great way to try something new from the menu, which includes a brothless Taiwan Mazesoba. 
How to order: Online by Thursday for Saturday pickup

Nom Nom Ramen

Nom Nom is aptly named to fit its offerings of authentic Hakata-style ramen bowls, usually consisting of 36-hour tonkotsu broth and pork belly, as well as mushrooms, bamboo, kelp, pickled ginger, or whatever else you’re looking to savor. For non-noodle lovers in your life, you can also opt for rice bowls or load up on bao buns, which come with a tempura eggplant option. 
How to order: Caviar for pickup or delivery

Ramen Bar

University City 
Ramen Bar offers an elevated alternative for the usual noodles college kids may often gravitate toward. In addition to traditional bowls of Hakata-style tonkotsu and a dozen other varieties, the spot offers a massive menu of sushi, sashimi, and entrees. 
How to order: Uber Eats and Caviar for pickup or delivery

Tomo Sushi

Old City
Tomo Sushi is run by two chefs—one a master of sushi, the other one of ramen. The result is a lengthy list of modern Japanese fare that is thick with vegan options, including three vegan ramen choices, such as the udon with soy-based broth, thick noodles, seaweed, inari, shiitake, scallion, and naruto.
How to order: Grubhub, DoorDash, and Caviar for pickup or delivery


In addition to the more common pork-based and vegan ramen options, Yamitsuhi offers a rich chicken ramen with a super flavorful clear broth. Other specialties at Yamitsuki include sushi, saki, and freshly brewed creative green teas. Go for the Spicy Ramen for a garlicky chicken broth that gives an extra kick.
How to order: ChowNow for pickup or delivery

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Marielle Mondon is a writer from Philadelphia. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @MarielleMondon.