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Philly's kings of consumption single out their favorite food and drink newbies

Sometime in the last 12 months, the lines for Pat's and Geno's thinned out, even if their customers didn't, thanks to some of the biggest, greasy burger-iest additions to Philly in a while. Just ask our panel of Philly's deftest food & drinks dudes

Gov Ed Rendell, Author of A Nation of Wusses: I was happy to see the opening of Shake Shack this year in Philadelphia. Thank you, New York, for sending us some of your great diet fare. Their burgers are delicious but also a true waistline killer

Jose Garces, Chef and Owner of Garces Group: I had a great meal at Vernick recently -- he takes fresh ingredients and cooks them very simply but executes on a really high level

Jon Bohn, Chef at MilkBoy: Vernick was my favorite new restaurant of 2012

Nathan Volz, Chef at 10 Arts Bistro & Lounge: The refresh of Le Bec Fin: I've admired this restaurant since I was in high school and love the new touch that Chef Abrams has put on the menu. And Federal Donuts! Granted they’ve been open for a while, but I’m thrilled they’re branching out because now I have one a block away from me..

Jason Cichonski, Chef at Ela: Vernick and Will both kick a**.