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Philly's food and drink-iest people finger the year's biggest head-shakers

From the kicks that got you turned away from Hop Sing to Andrew Bynum's bowling shoes, 2012 played host to some letdowns that were so big your favorite bartenders and governors often mistook them for Andy Reid

Gov Ed Rendell, Author of A Nation of Wusses: The Eagles certainly make the list. There's also Andrew Bynum who will most likely bowl more this year than play basketball, and I can't forget those idiots who are negotiating for the NHL and their players – just drop the puck already

David Ralic, Owner of Ralic's on South: Three things:. The explosion of Groupon and, people who still order steak temps with the word well in it, and people not understanding the difference between dining and eating

Nick Farina, Chef at Verdad: The lack of healthy alternatives. When I'm looking for a quick lunch or easy dinner there are no healthy alternatives to the fried, over-salted foods we come to love as Americans. It would be nice to have more places to grab a quick, healthier alternative that I can eat with my hands

Christopher Lee, Chef at Sophia's: Still fast food for me. It's overpriced junk food that isn't healthy and doesn't sustain you in any way. Low-cost menu items mean low quality of food -- you get what you pay for.