Food & Drink

Philly's expert eaters and drinkers weigh in on this year's biggest shockers

2012 was filled with major surprises (like solar storms and John Cusack not sucking), but even bigger was 2012, at least according to Philly's titans of food & drink, who turned in their lists of 2012's whoa-iest moments, from breakout ramen spots to social restaurant names. Lee, proprietor at Hop Sing Laundromat: Our bar accidentally opened... Eli Kulp, Chef at Fork: Being new to Philadelphia, when I first started discussing taking the job at Fork, I was surprised by how much Philly's dining scene has grown in the last few years and how people outside Philly don't know about it. Jose Garces, Chef and Owner of Garces Group: My biggest dining surprise was eating at Sbraga this year. I've always had a lot of respect for Kevin, but I was really, truly blown away by his cuisine and attention to detail. Greg Vernick, Chef and Owner of Vernick Food & Drink: I’d say best surprise is the emergence of the high quality and delicious spots with quick service, like Rotisseur, Paesano's, and Nom Nom Ramen. Christopher Lee, Chef at Sophia's: How food trends are shifting to casual and rustic style, beverage trends toward liquor and beer and away from wine, and the increased use of Social in titles of businesses.