Food & Drink

Philly's legit-est food and drink peeps tell you where to break your resolutions

Must-eats: they're not just what Andy Reid calls extra ketchup packets anymore, they're also what our esteemed panel of food & drink & governor experts weighed in on for the coming 365-day stretch

Gov Ed Rendell, Author of A Nation of Wusses: The city has too many great spots to name them all but if I have to narrow it down -- for pure gourmet delight -- Vetri and Barclay Prime. For great drinks and bar eats -- Misconduct and The Ugly Moose

Eli Kulp, Chef at Fork: Vetri still rules and Zahav is still up there as one of the perennial best

Jose Garces, Chef and Owner of Garces Group: Amada, Village Whiskey, and Distrito Cantina at Revel in Atlantic City. It's like a home game for local Philadelphians to have new outposts in this beautiful resort less than an hour away

Nathan Volz, Chef at 10 Arts Bistro & Lounge: Little Baby's Ice Cream Truck's so very tasty, and Jamonera, for light tapas and cool sherry

Jon Bohn, Chef at MilkBoy: Jamonera is a must

Michael Santoro, Chef at The Mildred: I really want to check out Will BYOB, Ela, and American Sardine Bar

Townsend Wentz, Chef at McCroseen's Tavern: The two top drink spots to visit have to be The Franklin and Hop Sing Laundromat, hands down. The "Must Eat" place for me is the new incarnation of Le Bec Fin. I'd like to see how the fresh culinary approach differs from the old school Le Bec.