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Philly food and drink wunderkinds predict the future... of Philly food and drink

We asked (almost) everyone in Philly who didn't predict the Eagles would make the playoffs this year what to expect come 2013 (not including the Eagles probably making the playoffs).Eli Kulp, Chef at Fork: Great food is like the arts; it's only able to exist as long as there are people willing to support it. Philly is a value-driven city and is continuing to come into its own in the food world. It’s going to be up to customers to see the value in the skill and craftsmanship on the plate and not focus on size vs. price of the dish. With the economy being on an upward push, '13 will be one of best years for restaurants here in a very long time. I can't wait.Greg Vernick, Chef and Owner of Vernick Food & Drink: Noodles, noodles, noodles. A ramen invasion.Christopher Lee, Chef at Sophia's: South Philly is going to blow up. There are new restaurants and chefs popping up everywhere, and new food neighborhoods emerging. We're excited to be in the Passyunk scene, and the powerhouse restaurateurs will just have to make room for some fresh faces.John Bohn, Chef at MilkBoy: 2013 will be all things black garlic. And hopefully we'll continue to utilize the foraged foods of the Pacific Northwest.Nathan Volz, Chef at 10 Arts Bistro & Lounge: More unusual varieties of fish. We just added turbot on our menu and have been playing around with sardines.Townsend Wentz, Chef at McCrossen's Tavern: We'll see a surge in back-to-basics dining: Qqality products, no gimmicks, no fluff. More sauces, less dots on a plate.Jose Garces, Chef and Owner of Garces Group: The return of fine dining -- opulence and exquisite service -- but executed in a more modern, contemporary way. I think many chefs are looking to expand in that direction in the coming year and I foresee many of 2013’s openings fitting this description.