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These are the best wings in Philly

Published On 08/23/2013 Published On 08/23/2013
Philly's Best Wings

Any wings expert will tell you they jumped the shark replacing Linda McCartney with Thomas Haden Church. Giving you one more thing to correct them on: our picks for the eight hottest-sauced, chili-glazed, donut-sided, and duck confit-ed bird forelimbs in town.

Black Garlic Wings at Cheu Noodle Bar
Washington Square West
The 10th St noodle-bar-in-name-only poaches their wings overnight in milk before double-dipping and dusting them with cornmeal before they hit the fryer. By the time they hit your plate, they're tossed with fresh herbs and shishitos and lacquered in a house-made black garlic soy sauce you'll want to toss back once the wings are all gone.

Dry-Rubbed Wings at Federal Donuts
Multiple Locations
Not in the ballpark of Sansom or Federal St? Score a sixsome of Fed Nuts' crunchily battered wings dry-rubbed with Ballpark BBQ at Citizens Bank Park, or opt for the honey glaze to match the doughnut on the side.

Korean Wings at Chick-a-licious
Market East
Making a trip to TJU for an angioplasty anyway? Stop across the street at Chick-a-licious first for a 40-piece (!) box of twice-fried Korean wings, which're all fried in under five minutes by something legitimately called the Henny Penny Computron 8000... so you know they're good. Also good? The 10 hot sauces they'll pour inside the box before shaking them back to life.

Yum Yum Wings at Sto's Bar
Old City
Forget for a minute this is a Steelers bar, because 1) they're playing every single NFL game here on a wall lined with 80" flatscreens, and 2) wings are served up on 2lb platters in a half-dozen custom coatings like cayenne garlic Parm and Yum Yum sauce, a secret green onion and hot pepper concoction as strong as Roethlisberger's ankles are weak.

Classic Buffalo Wings at Chickie's & Pete's
Multiple Locations
So good they don't have to mask them in crab fries seasoning, C&P's classic buffalo chicken wings come 35 to an order, which is exactly how many you'll want after waiting for a table on game day.

Ten-Spiced Wings at City Tap House
There's sixty drafts on tap at this UCity brew perch, or almost enough to cut through the ten-spice dry rub on City Tap House's infamous slow-roasted best sellers.

Smoked Wings at Supper
Washington Square West
Answering the question "What's for supper?", the South St Southerner smokes its wings before pouring on a birch beer glaze, then going hot and cold on you with a toss of black peppers and a swipe of buttermilk ranch.

Duck Confit Wings at Varga Bar
Washington Square West
If you ever wondered how the pin-ups lining the walls of Varga Bar earned those curves, it probably had something to do with dipping these pomegranate molasses, bourbon, and chile wings in their house-made blue cheese.

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1. CHeU noodle bar 255 S 10th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107 (Market East)

Owned by the Philly boys behind Bing Bing Dim Sum, CheU serves traditional Asian noodle dishes with plenty of added Philadelphia flavor. Rather than attempting to recreate authentic Asian cuisine, the restaurant makes classic ramen and soba bowls local, adding brisket, pork shoulder, and matzo balls to the typical miso broth, rice-noodle combo. The space itself is narrow with low-hanging paper lamps, and the eclectic noodle soups are meant to be eaten at stools along the bar. While the wood-paneled bar is primarily for noodles, the place has excellent happy hour deals on wine, beer, sake, and its collection of creative house cocktails.

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2. Federal Donuts 1632 Sansom St, Philadelphia, PA 19103 (Center City West)

Federal Donuts, situated in Philadelphia's Center City West neighborhood, serves the absolute best of both worlds: donuts and fried chicken. If, for some reason, "fancy" and freshly hot donuts (made in house) doesn't excite you, Federal offers an unforgettable cup of coffee.

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3. Federal Donuts 1219 S 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19147 (South Philadelphia)

With several locations around the city, Federal Donuts has grown into a sugar-coated Philly favorite. FD's secret weapon is a "Donut Robot," a mechanical monster-mastermind that handles all the dough dispensing, frying, and flipping. The deep-fried dough rings are sweet, sinful, and eminently scarf-able -- coming in flavors like maple-bacon, lemon bar, spicy PB&J, Turkish mocha and, of course, classic glazed. Because specializing in just one caloric indulgence doesn't cut it, this spot slings famous fried chicken in a changing lineup of rubs and sauces (coconut curry, anyone?).

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4. Federal Donuts 1 Citizens Bank Way, Philadelphia, PA 19148

The third location of the donut franchise is at Citizens Bank Park and serves Section 140 with twice-fried chili-garlic and barbecue-glazed bird, plus out-of-left-field sugared 'nuts like lemon creme and chocolate malted.

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5. Chick-a-Licious 138 S 11th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107 (Midtown Village)

Chick-a-licious, located in Midtown Village, is exactly what it sounds like. Using fresh ingredients, this comfort food spot serves wings dipped and seasoned with dry rubs and features, wait for it, a fried chicken-finger sandwich.

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6. Sto's Bar 236 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19106 (Old City)

With an 80in flatscreen TV that can show six games at once, and a bar menu that includes a hoagie baked into a folded pizza crust (!), Sto's Bar and Restaurant is a great destination for people looking to sit down and stay a while.

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7. Chickie's & Pete's 1526 Packer Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19145 (South Philadelphia)

This solid sports bar's got eight locations, all boasting an extensive menu with the works. Fret not health junkies, there is a separate gluten-free menu too.

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8. City Tap House 3925 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19104 (West Phillyu City)

City Tap House has an extensive selection of micro-brews and delicious food to go along with them, as well as a killer patio for outdoor drinking.

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9. Supper 926 South St, Philadelphia, PA 19147 (South Street)

This spot serves superior seasonal supper and sides for sweet sustenance on South St. And, if you're not one for alliteration, then forget about this description and crack open the menu to find classics like the Supper Burger or one of their rotating options that change frequently.

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10. Varga Bar 941 Spruce St, Philadelphia, PA 19107 (Market East)

Inspired by Alberto Vargas's 1940s pin-up art, the guys behind Mercato have taken the old Azul and decked it out with a 14-stool black bar, black and green banquettes, a checkered tile floor, and, most impressively, a stunning fresco'd ceiling of classy floozies in various seductive poses.



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