Philly's first-ever mac 'n cheese truck

From a chick so fresh outta Drexel her diploma hasn't arrived yet, Mac Mart is Philly's first-ever mobile mac 'n cheese-ery, a retrofitted DHL truck serving gooey goodness topped with a five-cheese blend so secret, Alex Mack's parents don't know about it either

Perfect for after you've had a few bowls of not-mac 'n cheese, Mac Mart has bowls of… um… mac 'n cheese (!), like this smoky BBQ sauce, chips, and chicken, which's available in three sizes that allegedly have nothing to do with Mark McGwire, including Mac Daddy and Monstrous

Wanna make your own hot creaminess? First: that's disgusting. Second: you're in luck, because Mac has a DIY option where you can add any of 20 toppings like Parmesan Panko crumble, bacon, caramelized onions, and Ranch drizzle

There're also sandwiches like mac 'n cheese grilled cheeses and this hot-buttered G Dog which -- like Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton's relationship -- is all-beef.