Food & Drink

Take home an Iron Chef's Mary Jane brownies by the pint

A girl scooping from a pint of Morimoto Mary Jane Ice Cream

Need a new connect to make your Summer in the city way cooler? There's a dude in Morimoto's kitchen ready to hook you up. The pastry chef at Stephen Starr's Old City Iron Chefery's come home from a trip to Asia with a suitcase full of... ideas... he's packing into 30 flavors of take-out ice cream perfect for when you're craving 16oz of toasted Mary Jane ice cream swirled with candied hemp seeds & chocolate brownies, or some French Toast & Bacon if you're feeling unusually hungry after your first pint.

Two girls share a Morimoto Mary Jane Hemp Brownie ice cream cone

The downside of taking dessert home? You can't ask the waiter for an extra spoon. The upside: your girlfriend can recreate her favorite Gossip Girl cover of Rolling Stone.

A girl eats a pint of Morimoto Five Spice Pork Ice Cream

Pulling an all-nighter before tomorrow's trial? Find in favor of a spoonful of this freezer-friendly Five Spice Pork Fu before you open an inquiry into whatever similarly labeled leftovers are lurking in your fridge.

A girl checks on a pint of popcorn ice cream in the microwave

Just like actual popcorn, Morimoto's cream-infused version's even better after a little time the microwave.

A girl savors a teaspoon of Morimoto Miso Honey Ice Cream

After tasting the Miso Honey, you'd almost think the name's implying something else. And if When Harry Met Sally taught you anything (and be honest -- it taught you SO MUCH), you don't want to have what she's having in a busy restaurant.