Food & Drink

Brick-oven pies and brews on the Piazza

From the dude behind Piazza bruncherie Kings Oak, Pizza Bar's a slice shop centered around a 900-degree brick oven that's selling nothing but after-work-essential Neapolitan pies and domestic brews you can carry out nightly til 1a, unless they keep having to carry you out nightly at 1a

Eight stools line the windows and marble counter, well-positioned for watching hockey, assuming you aren't too distracted by the sixteen candles

Eleven 14in red and white pies are made by an ex-Barra chef who grew up stretching dough at his dad's pizza joints in northeast Philly. They're loaded up with local ingredients like Di Bruno Bros cheese

Order your pie half-and-half with sweet fennel sausage from Fiorella's and Abruzze pepperoni, or skim the menu for specialty jawns like the mozz, Provolone, Fontina, & Parm Cheesus Christ, best ordered at high volume in front of Catholic grandmothers

Finish it off with a six-pack

After the six-pack, it's time for beer from a fridge packed with more local singles than the bar you just left to get pizza 'cause it was totally dead anyway, or if the party of... hopefully more than one... is headed back to your place, you can carry out whole cases of macros

If you don't want to stretch your dough too thin, they'll always have four styles avail by the slice. Praise Cheesus!