The Spaghetti Burger: Noodle-bunned meatballs in the palm of your hand

PYT's Spaghetti Burger

Combining the only two things you know how to make besides reservations, PYT's Spaghetti Burger turns a bowl of mozz-stuffed, Parm-showered, spicy grilled meatballs and herbaceous baked pasta into a red sauce-ladled cheeseburger sandwiched between crunchable noodle pinwheels that're toasted to order. It's only on the menu slightly longer than it'll stay on your plate, so grab an open table now, because clicking one's not an option.

A spice-rubbed Spaghetti Burger patty at PYT

Despite the gloves, the crew behind PYT's Lasagna Bun Burger have their fingerprints all over this thing. Two 2.5oz burgers are hand-formed, then rubbed down with a garlicky Parm-and-basil spice blend...

Egg wash for the Spaghetti Burger at PYT

... and this chicken soup for the soul, which, unlike actual chicken soup, is an eggy marinade of every herb you've mistakenly bought from that guy who knows a guy.

The mozzarella stuffing between PYT's Spaghetti Burger patties.

Before this winning megaball hits the grill, the patties are pressed down to seal in a fistful of shredded mozz.

The toasted spaghetti pinwheel buns for PYT's Spaghetti Burger

Spoiler Alert: Just like that totem at the end of Inception, these knots of al dente spaghetti twirled in garlic butter and twice-baked into buns are also something out of a Tom Berenger movie dream within a dream within a dream.

Marinara sauce is poured from the pan onto the Spaghetti Burger at PYT.

Once your spaghetti and meatball is stacked, it's time to ladle on the red sauce. And by "ladle", we mean pour out an entire pan of the stuff.

Sprinkling parmesan cheese atop PYT's Spaghetti Burger

What's even cheesier than a Tom Berenger movie? This perfect storm of shredded Parmesan the chef's raining down on your dinner.

PYT's Spaghetti Burger with waffle fries

And those things that look like waffle fries? Totally waffle fries...

The aftermath of PYT's Spaghetti Burger

... which, unlike your Spaghetti Burger, you can still eat with your hands after the first bite.