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Hawaiian tacos from a Temple campus Spam cart

Poi Dog Snack Shop Food Cart

Providing a service to those who have only experienced Hawaiian flavor in punch form, Poi Dog Snack Shop is Philly's first Hawaiian lunch cart, now stuffing hungry Temple campus inboxes with pork belly tacos, Japanese fried chicken, and, naturally (or maybe unnaturally), Spam

Two Foo Truck vets are dishing out island action like pork belly and tofu poke, plus crispy fried chicken katsu and this smokily braised & shredded Kalua pork, which can either be dished up in soft shells or packed on to-go plates piled with rice (white or brown) and macaroni salad

Prefer your meat from a can? Opt for Spam Musubi, a WWII-era recipe of hot grilled lunchmeat allied (!) with white rice and a Nori wrap

While you're waiting for the chance to spice up lunch with Poi Dog's house-made garlic-ginger Chili Peppah Watah, you can get schooled in sign language and good karma

You can also tip with your credit card via iPad, which thankfully happens before your hands are all Spammy

Just don't leave without sampling some coconut butter Mochi, a pair of sticky-sweet rice cakes so tasty they don't even need an odd-looking cartoon mascot.

Poi Dog Pork Taco
Poi Dog Spam Musabi
Poi Dog Chili Peppah Watah
Poi Dog iPad
Poi Dog Coconut Butter Mochi Dessert