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Coffee, free WiFi, and boozy booze in Kensington

Way less gross than Gas Room, Liquid Room's a new WiFi-equipped coffee bar-cum-bar bar that looks a lot like a traditional pub thanks to the cool, steampunk-y copper tap system downstairs, and the former Garces 'tender behind it.You know you're in Kensington because even the bars have teardrop tattoos.But you're safe here. Both your bicycle......and your cocktail will be well protected by dudes who also have teardrop tattoos.Check out the bar stools, which look sorta blue, da bo de, da bo da, da bo de, da bo da, da bo de, da bo da.In fact, the whole interior's pretty well-lit.And you could be too: they've got 24 beers (including these eight on tap). Plus a menu-less cocktail program run by the aforementioned Garces dude, who worked for the empire for seven years, mixing tipples at Amada and developing the menu at Distrito.