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Oh this? It's just a South St seafood bar hiding behind a giant octopus.

Ralic's on South is an ocean mural-equipped, two-story seafood-ery from the guy behind Ralic's Steakhouse, with tons of interior details that won't be there for long because there's A GIANT F***ING OCTOPUS OUT FRONT.The chef's a long-time shore fisherman, so expect to see his old buddies lurking everywhere, from this ginger-infused lobster the citrus-sauced jumbo crab martini.Not a martini... eater? You can have your crab stuffed inside drawn-butter-soaked portobello mushroom caps jacked from Toad's closet.There're 180 seats spread across a half-dozen dining rooms.One of which has a mural of a thankfully Mark Cuban-less Shark Tank.And then there's the open-'til-2a bar. It has 20 seats, 10 local crafts on tap, a fresh juice press for cocktails, and super bright tequila bottles that're sure to make you less so.Just don't get too hung up on the Ariel views.Or you'll lose track of where you're going.