Cannuli poutine and three-meat pies on East Passyunk

As Mario Lemieux once famously said of Montreal-ians, "I think people in Montreal smoke a lot, and I used to smoke when I was 17-18, and just picked it up when I was playing juniors. But I think I stopped when I was 22, which was a big decision in my life." All the more reason to head to Noir to see a real-life, apparently-cigarette-crazed Montreal-ian pay homage to his roots with a French-Canadian-inspired Winter menu

Stuffing classic South Philly street food inside classic Montreal rue... food, this Cannuli Sausage Poutine incorporates fried potatoes with melted cheddar curds and Cannuli hot sausage gravy

A pot pie that's legal in states other than Colorado, this Quebec Toutiere's a three-meat puff pastry with fennel-infused ground beef, pork, and veal

Marco's Montreal Steak's a 14oz boneless ribeye that's rubbed down in red pepper, garlic, paprika, and sunflower oil, which everyone'll think is Super. Even Mario.

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