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Philly's 5 most incredible melty sandwiches

Published On 04/25/2013 Published On 04/25/2013
Brisket grilled cheese at Meltkraft

Philly has been responsible for many good uses of cheese over the years that haven't included steak or Rocky training montages, and that includes having a way with the illustrious grilled cheese. To make sure you maximize your melty goodness, here are the five best places to get it around town

Meltkraft's Valley Thunder 51 N 12th St; Market East; 267.639.3309 The Valley Shepherd Creamery makes its cheese on-site in a see-thru Reading Terminal Market laboratory before it's melted into lunch experiments like the above-pictured brisket and baked mac Valley Thunder

Breezy's Cafe's Pretzel Roll w/ Mushroom & Brie 2011 Reed St; South Philly; 267.858.4186 Just like Rihanna, you don't have to explain why you're drawn to Breezy's Cafe, but it might be this pretzel-rolled melt of mushroom-studded brie

Mac Mart Truck's Return of the Mac 267.908.5662 Not just what plays in your head when the pink Drexel truck pulls up lunchtime, Return of the Mac is two wedges of buttered white bread toasted under the cover of American cheese, then pan-fried with a secret-sauced macaroni filling

Any of The Pop Shop's 30 Grilled Cheeses 729 Haddon Ave; Collingswood, NJ; 856.869.0111 Pick up where Bobby Flay threw down at Collingswood, NJ's Pop Shop, a South Jersey soda fountain with 25 frequently changing cheese melts, from that tasty-looking tomato'd number to another made with brie, apple, and Nutella

Say Cheese Philly's Breakfast Bombshell 484.324.8729; @SayCheesePhilly This roving Love Park staple starts pressing early with the Breakfast Bombshell, where a hand-formed Italian loaf is stacked with two eggs, American, bacon, and tomatoes.

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1. The Pop Shop 729 Haddon Ave, Collingswood, NJ 08108 (New Jersey)

Modern meets retro at this New Jersey soda fountain that's decorated to look like it's been around for decades, even though it's only been open since the mid-aughts. The menu is straight up diner fare, featuring more than 30 kinds of next-level grilled cheese. Even though the ambience might feel a bit 1950s (ahem, the old-fashioned jukebox), new age things like gluten-free bread and tofu Buffalo wings will bring you back to the 21st century.

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2. Reading Terminal Market 51 N 12th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107 (Market East)

RTM is your indoor farmers market for all Philly fare, housewares and area specialties. Check out Meltkraft: from the guys behind NJ dairy farm Valley Shepherd Creamery, Meltkraft is RTM’s first-ever grilled cheese stall, equipped with a mozz-making laboratory, a 30-cheese counter, and eight hot-buttered melts stuffed with everything from burger, to brisket baked mac 'n cheese, to bacon fat. Or stop by The Rib Stand offering authentic Southern-style comfort food like BBQ, potato wedges and green beans.

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3. Breezy's Cafe 2011 Reed Street, Philadelphia, PA 19146 (South Philadelphia)

Sometimes you find something great in an unexpected place. Other times you wonder if you're really old enough to be growing ear-hair already. But don't worry, this is one of the former times, because Breezy's Cafe is serving up next-level sandwiches, micro-roast coffee, and more in Point Breeze, of all places.