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These Philly-Style Bagels Are Made With Beer

America has a new style of bagel to choose from -- and no, it’s not from New York or Montreal. Philly-style bagels, made at the aptly named Philly Style Bagels, are bending the rules of bagel making by using beer as one of the ingredients.

“The Philly Style Bagel is different from Montreal and NYC, in a couple of different ways,” says co-owner Jonathon Zilber. “It kind of takes what we like about both styles and absorbs that.” The dough is slowly fermented, hand-rolled, then boiled in a mixture of water and Yards IPA -- a quintessential Philadelphia beer -- to give the bagels their uniquely malted flavor. The bagels are cooked in a pizza oven, and emerge with a crusty exterior and an extra-soft interior. Of the seven different flavors, the most popular is the everything, largely due to the addition of red pepper flakes and mustard seeds -- toppings similar to what you’d put on a pizza. Zilber notes that this spin on the classic gives the bagel its own unparalleled flavor.

Along with individual bagels, Philly Style Bagels also offers bagel sandwiches like the Classic Lox, which comes with cream cheese, cured salmon, cucumber, red onion, and tomato. There's also a variety of flavored cream cheeses, including a spicy jalapeño one.

“Philadelphia is a city that has a rich culture and culinary history, and it's kind of been lost over the years" says Zilber, explaining that "Philly is more than just a cheesesteak and pretzel town." Being able to add something new to the pantheon of local classics is huge -- "Especially something that's so near and dear to New Yorkers."

Yes, New York and Montreal may boast their own signature bagels, but these beer bagels prove that Philly's no slouch either. Check out the video above to find out more about the newest bagels on the block.

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Amy Schulman is an Editorial Production Assistant at Thrillist who is a self-proclaimed bagel fiend. Follow her on Instagram.