Sandwiches that'll send you running toward Point Breeze

Sometimes you find something great in an unexpected place. Other times you wonder if you're really old enough to be growing ear-hair already. But don't worry, this is one of the former times, because Breezy's Cafe is serving up next-level sandwiches, micro-roast coffee, and more in Point Breeze, of all places.That peppers-and-Prov cheesesteak above is stuffed with hand-chipped, grass-fed beef. Eat it in a blue chair if you're a boy, and a yellow chair if you... have jaundice.Three pretzel-rolled jawns include an uncured pork number, a ham-and-Swiss, and this Brie Melt loaded with sauteed mushrooms & onions smothered in creaminess from Lancaster Dairy.If you like your pretzels in... pretzel form, there are 2 for $1 Philly Softs to grab and go.Order a coffee courtesy of Philly's smallest micro-roaster and kick back with one of the paperbacks stacked in the window, all full of useful info on surviving fight clubs and spelling P-a-l-a-h-n-i-u-k.The shop's mascot is a patch-eyed feral feline rescued by the graphic design-obsessed owner (who is also probably a tiny bit cat-obsessed).Legend has it a local trolley driver drank Champ Cherry every day of the Phillies' 1950 season, clearly causing them to win the World Series. Pick one up, turn on ESPN Classic, and see if it still works.They're the only place in town stocking all 12 flavors of Berks County cult soda Reading Draft. You can pick up Blueberry Birch, Sarsaparilla, and Grape Smoothie by the bottle and case, though develop a case habit and you may find a gut growing in the most expected of places.

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