A classic W Philly diner's deep-fried makeover

Cousin's Grubhouse's a classic WPass lunch shack that dates back to the '50s, rebooted by the mercurial Sacramento big man the guys behind Players Pub and Black Door, who've updated it with 50+ under-$10 diner plates like stacks of crumbled bacon pancakes, chicken fingers & waffles, and powdered sugar-dusted PB & banana melts.The counter sets the stage for meatiness you can't get across-the-street at Philip's Steaks, like the chopped scrapple-, steak- & pork roll-stuffed Grubhouse Big Philly Omelette. Vegetarian (but still solidly unhealthy) breakfast options include this Salted Caramel French Toast topped with powdered sugar, sea salt, and whipped cream.Bacon-wrapped deep-fried lunchables include the chili-topped Heart Attack Dog up-top and these jalapeno-stuffed tots. The King also clocks in on the seven-dog menu with a PB-and-banana-slathered Levis frank.Wash it all down with bottomless cups of coffee. That just means you can keep getting refills -- these mugs totally have bottoms.

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