These colossal Do-Cros are conquering the South Philly cronut scene

The cannoli and bavarian cream filled cronuts from Potito's Bakery

If you want to watch two glazed-over doughy beasts laden with every kind of pastry cream duking it out in the streets of South Philly for ultimate bragging rights, go rent Rocky V. If you want to experience the city's fastest rising cronut contenders, head to Potito's Bakery for these furious fists of Do-Cro.The old-school Italian bakery's only making three dozen of these blockbusters gutbusters a day, packing them with way more of a punch than the other old-school Italian bakery's croissant-donut action. What -- you didn't know there were more?

Frangelli's Pastry Shop's Cronut knockoff in South Philly

That's probably because your definition of "South Philly" lies North of Ritner St's Frangelli's Bakery, where these sugar-glazed fried croissant donuts are hiding in plain sight in their pastry case. Good news: They're selling for under $1 and there are no lines. Bad news: You have no idea where Ritner St is and only have a week to find out, because they're closing August 4th for a month's vacation.

The Do-Cros from Potito's Bakery

If you'd rather give your metabolism a workout than your legs, hit up any location of Potito's for these oversized Do-Cro creamwiches. Both versions start out with baked cinnamon croissants that have been set out for 24hrs before being deep-fried, split in half, then stuffed with either a vanilla Bavarian cream filling and fondant glaze...

The cannoli Cronut Do-Cro from Potito's Bakery

... or slathered with their classic chocolate chip ricotta cannoli filling and dressed in only shaved chocolate and cinnamon sugar, leaving them practically naked, which won't be a good look for you after eating a few.

The cannoli stuffed cannoli at Potito's Bakery
The Swiss Cro Cremes with a vanilla glaze at Swiss Haus Bakery

But even if there's a new champ, just like with Rocky, there's a special place in your arteries heart for your first Swiss Haus Cro-Creme.

Can't get enough of these tasty croissant/donut hybrids? Check out more Cronut knock-offs around the world on our interactive Cronut- (and Cronut impostor-) finding map!