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Jewish Southern comfort on South St

The husband and wife behind BYOB NoLibs bruncherie Honey's Sit'n Eat have expanded their marriage of Jewish and Southern cooking to the Graduate Hospital end of South St, where the end game is to expand you with Guy Fieri-approved nosh-ables served all day, from Hollandaise-soaked challah Toad in the Holes, to the above biscuit-equipped country fried steak platter

A mechanic's shop vibe's present throughout, all the way to the glass-topped tables that are jammed with everything you need to power through breakfast

Mugs get filled with all the tools you'll be using. Also: bottomless pours of La Colombe coffee

This Breakfast Bomb's a thick-as-a-plate pancake that's sprinkled with powdered sugar and stuffed with Lancaster County eggs and your pick of seven available breakfast meats (including three kinds of bacon, honey-baked ham, and homemade sausage), all topped with syrup and sided with grits

Pancakes also come in pecan-chocolate-berry-peanut butter variations or, if you prefer them in potato form hit these deep-fried, inch-thick latkes. If you're in more of a lunch/dinner mood, nab a triple-decker grilled cheese or Bubby's brisket sandwich with mushroom gravy, sauteed spinach, and horseradish mayo, which comes with free seconds on sides like hush puppies, mac & cheese, and casserole'd string beans, though if you keep getting seconds you're unlikely to resemble one.