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The best frozen treats in Philly, from a pie milkshake to beer by the scoop

Published On 06/07/2013 Published On 06/07/2013

What's cooler than being cool? Cooling off with five of Philly's most freaky-freezy treats, from grown-up Little Baby's to smoky bacon shakes, each of them guaranteed to break the heat and make you work up a sweat... when you hit the gym the next day

Vanilla Bean Brownie Sandwich at Morgan's Pier 221 N Columbia Blvd; 215.279.7134 Even cooler than chilling with a liquid nitrogen cheeseburger under the Ben Franklin are the pier garden's melt-in-your-mouth semifreddo cream-wiches smooshed between the chef's family recipe fudge brownies and cut thinner than you'll be when you're done with them

Frozen Mint Julep at Khyber Pass 56 S 2nd St; 215.238.5888 Sure, a tin cup of whiskey on crushed ice is pretty cool, but a tall glass of brown-spiked slushie is even cooler. Old City Southern pub Khyber Pass blends bourbon, mint simple syrup, and lime juice into this frozen mint julep perfect for easing into a hot day and an even hotter Tobasco-ed fried green tomato BLT

Bourbon Butterscotch Pie Milkshake at Magpie 1622 South St; 267.519.2904 Proving whiskey always tastes better from a Mason jar, Magpie's butterscotch pie shake blends liquid Kentucky brown into a pie before churning a booze-custardy wedge into 10oz of Bassett's ice cream

Bacon-Peanut Butter Booze Shake at PYT 1050 N Hancock St; 215.964.9009 You can't order the Piazza burger joint's Krispy Kreme Sliders a la mode (yet?), but you can wash them down with a meaty dinner-dessert-cocktail shake like this bacon-peanut butter jawn, blending smoked belly with your two favorite vanillas: ice cream and vodka

Yards Chocolate Love Stout Pomegranate at Little Baby's Ice Cream 2311 Frankford Ave; 267.687.8567 Creamily blending your bottle shop go-to with your favorite fruit from ancient Greek mythology, Fishtown frozen treatery LBIC's Yards Chocolate Love Stout Pomegranate's a grown-up scoop guaranteed to make a grown man cry (if he drops it on the sidewalk).

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1. Magpie Artisanal Bakery 1622 South St, Philadelphia, PA 19146 (South Street)

If the last time you've seen a cooling pie was in technicolor in a '50s-era Looney Tunes cartoon, Magpie Artisanal Bakery is here to show you the art is very much alive and delicious. From sweet to savory pies, like the incredible sounding butterscotch bourbon to cheeseburger pie, respectively, they're always working on new creations that will surprise and amaze.

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2. Khyber Pass Pub 56 S 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19106

The KPP is a late-night joint offering some fan-food favorites from down South, like red beans & rice and even beignets. And oh-so-much beer.

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3. PYT 1050 N Hancock St, Philadelphia, PA 19123 (Nolibs)

It's hard to go wrong with consuming a half-pound of red-sauced meatball flattened between two fried lasagna patties. If you don't catch that, you can always back it up with a summery Jamaican jerk chicken burger bundled between fried plantains.

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4. Little Baby's World HQ 2311 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125 (Fishtown)

The ice cream here uses dairy 100% supplied by Pennsy cows, is prepped Philly-style (no eggs), and includes all-the-ingredients-in-the-name cart favorites (Earl Grey Sriracha and Bourbon Bourbon Vanilla), plus flavor flavs like Sour Cherry & Honey, Strawberry Pink Peppercorn, and Maryland Bar-B-Que, which's made with BBQ sauce, Worcestershire, and Old Bay.

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5. Morgan's Pier 221 N Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19123 (Old City)

At this extensive waterfront beer garden, Morgan’s Pier, some of the area’s top chefs take over the Morgan’s Pier kitchen for a four-month “experiment" every year. With outdoor seating for up to 500 people, it's one of the best spots to enjoy a casual bite to eat, craft beer, wine, and cocktails.