Wisconsin cheddar curds fried in a Fishtown truck

Launched by a dude who spends his summers running concessions at Metallica shows, The Cow and the Curd is a Philly food truck that serves one, and only one, thing: deep-fried, ready-to-dip Wisconsin cheese curds, and they're doing it right outside your favorite Fishtown bars (and also... M Room? Gross.)

A state fair staple, fried cheese curds are just like fried cheese, except saltier and more popcorn-shaped. TCTC's serving them in six-stacks, with either a chipotle-flavored or classic batter (so... no need to involve Tony Batista)

There're three daily-changing homemade hot sauces, including Sriracha mayo and chipotle ranch. Oh, and you can try them all for $1.50, assuming Nothing Else Matters.