Undrgrnd Donuts: 13 crazy glazed treats covered in Cap'n Crunch & bacon

Custom glazed donuts from Undrgrnd Donuts

If the Nutella-schmeared French toast rounds rolling out of Philly's first bagel truck are too savory of a way to start your day, score some serious morning sweetness with a baker's dozen of these cereal-crusted, maple-glazed, and bacon-crumble-topped breakfast jawns fried fresh-to-order from the city's first campus-cruising mobile donuttery.

The Undrgrnd Donuts truck at Drexel

Unlike most trucks, Undrgrnd Donuts doesn't leave you in the dust 'til it parks, dishing out custom dunkables powdered with crushed Red Hots, graham crackers, and espresso beans.

The Undrgrnd Donuts donut making robot

Inside the truck, you'll find futuristic donut-frying robotics previously only known to our future Decepticon overlords the Fed 'Nuts crew.

A variety of Undrgrnd Donuts

Want every flavor on the menu, from banana-chocolate-walnut Monkey Chunk to the caramel apple... Caramel Apple? There's a discount on a baker's dozen box, but not for walking to the counter 13 times.

Naked and Captain Crunch covered Undrgrnd Donuts

Just want it your way? Choose from 30 glazes, swirls, toppings, and dustings of your choice of Saturday morning fare, from naked to covered in Cap'n Crunch crumbs.

Smores and French Toast donuts from Undrgrnd Donuts

Looking for S'more? (Or French toast?) Find them on Twitter @undrgndDonuts.