Philly's first Brazilian rotisserie truck brings the hamburgao to Drexel

The hamburgao from the Braz BQ truck.

Combining your love for dining out on hand-carved, spit-roasted, Brazilian sirloin and the curbside egg sandwich you consume the morning after because, protein!: the all-steak everything Braz BQ truck's hamburgao. It's Portuguese for a quarter-pound of garlicky sliced beef smothered with every topping you'd hope to find in a Sao Paolo Five Guys, like smoked ham, sizzling bacon, melted cheddar, and a fried egg piled up with fresh corn, green onion, lettuce, tomato, potato sticks, and homemade mayo, all sandwiched inside a Kaiser roll.And you can score one with plain English along Drexel's food truck row from Philly's first four-wheeling churrasco rotisserie, cooked up by a Peddler's Village and Chima vet who hand-built the mobile rotating charcoal-roaster himself.

The Braz BQ truck's Brazilian flag exterior

To find the Braz BQ truck, walk toward 33rd & Arch til you see a Brazilian flag. Then keep walking 'til it resembles this.

Speakers attached to the Braz BQ Truck at Drexel

As you approach, you'll start to hear sizzling sounds in one form...

Sliced Brazilian beef sizzling on the grill inside the Braz BQ Truck

... or another.

The rotating skewers of beef inside the Braz BQ Truck

Inside, racks of 5lb sea salt- and garlic-rubbed churrasco roasts rotate over hot coals throughout the day.

Slicing meat atop the grill inside the Braz BQ Truck

When you're ready to order a burgao, cheesesteak, or steak sliders (sense a theme?), a skewer's stood up and the beef's carved 'til it drops to cook on the seasoned grill below.

The homemade chimichurri sauce from the Braz BQ Truck

Also hot on that grill: the homemade chimichurri swiped over the steak as it cooks.

The steak wrap from the Braz BQ Truck

Did we mention the steak wrap? No? This is the steak wrap.

A can of Guarana berry soda from the Braz BQ Truck

Wash it all down with a can of improbably not-steak Guarana, a Brazilian berry soda known to make people a little hyper.

A child in the driver's seat of the Braz BQ Truck

But not, like, 6yr-old-behind-a-steering-wheel hyper.