Schmear It: Philly's first mobile bagelry's mixing your cream cheese Cold Stone-style

schmear it

That lipstick on your collar? First of all, dude, well played. Second, that's a smear. A schmear is what's going down every morning inside the 14 styles of split-toasted, South Philly-boiled bagels the Schmear It truck's spreading with fresh cream cheese mix-ins blended to order Cold Stone-style, with combos like chopped salmon, wasabi & soy, maple-syruped walnuts & banana, and Sriracha-doused strawberries, providing another round of sweet hotness to stain your shirt.

The Schmear It Truck parked at 33rd and Arch Sts on the Drexel Campus

Even though the truck's loaded with bagels, it's always on a roll (!). You can follow @schmearit on Twitter to see where they're pulling up next, from Love Park to City Hall and 33rd & Arch.

A seclection of bagels from the Schmear It truck

And once you've pulled up, you can choose from more than a dozen schmearables, from poppy-sesame-and-salt-rolled everything bagels, to still totally somethings like chocolate chip, sun-dried tomato, and French toast.

A bagel is sliced inside the Schmear It Truck

As your bagel gets guillotined with the second greatest French invention behind the Cronut...

A berry cream cheese spread from the Schmear It truck

... it's almost time to spread 'em. You could opt for readymade blends like the Sriracha-mango Flaming Islander, to this bowl of two-berry/cinnamon/maple/walnut Stuffed French Toast cream cheese.

Tubs of toppings inside the Schmear It truck

Want to see the bagel butchers go Cold Stone on your cream cheese? Opt for any or all of their seasonal fruit, fish, and veggie mix-ins. Not craving cream cheese? They'll stir them into PB&J, Nutella, roasted onion hummus, and even tuna salad.

Philly Sushi Roll cream cheese from the Schmear It truck

Just craving sushi? Oddly, you've also come to the right place. The Philly Roll bagel's paddled with chopped smoked salmon, wasabi, cucumbers, and a splash of soy sauce.

The Square credit card app at work inside the Schmear It truck

And just like your favorite sushi joint, they secretly judge you for ordering Philly rolls take credit cards.

A bagel schmeared with French Toast and Nutella Banana from the Schmear It truck

If you can't decide what to order, you can go half-and-half...

A girl eats a bagel from the Schmear It truck

... or splitsies with that cute girl behind you who was waiting for you to make up your mind.