Philly Pub n' Grub

For a brief time, dorm rooms are the greatest places in the world: you can sit around and play video games all day, they're filled with outrageous drinking devices, and Napster. You're never gonna get sick of Gone Till November! Creating a grown-up dorm room-like hangout with at least two of those things, Philly Pub n' Grub

From the apparently hygiene-addled minds behind Swanky Bubbles and Shampoo, Pub n' Grub's a sportspub doling out scary-big drinks and blown-out bar food in the former Novi space, now outfitted with a slate tile floor, upholstered seats, a cheetah-skinned billiards room, 15 game-blasting flatscreens, and a PS3-rigged Madden nook that John can't even fit into sideways. Just like your frosh roomie Jeff Beal, they get good and crazy with grilled cheese, doing 20 different iterations including the provolone/tomato sauce/pepperoni Mambo Italiano, the jalapeno-laced Mexican Standoff, the Twist with a soft pretzel, honey mustard, and American, and the bacon/pork roll/ham/choice of cheese Three Lil' Pigs, for which they hopefully omit the side of Green Jello. If you're still alive after those, nab buffalo wings and peeled shrimp plates, or choose from 10 pizzas, 15 burgers (eg, the double-pattied/bacon/avocado/jalapeno Big Vic), and 20 fry varieties like the Loaded Gun (chili, cheese, sour cream) and the Jersey Shore with old bay and cheese, though the same pairing applies to Michael's contemporary works

Drinks-wise, they're serving 10 drafts in their Table Taps, gravity-fed 180oz monstrosities, and for the even more imbibingly intrepid, they offer the Drunken Monkey: a huge fishbowl of melon, vodka, rum, Blue Curacao, and Razzmatazz liqueur, which will remind you of the most outrageous dorm room drinking device of them all: a bottle of Razzmatazz liqueur.