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Where to Eat in Phoenix Right Now

This year has certainly posed its challenges, but amid the uncertainty there are bright spots. The community came together, restaurants opened their kitchens to furloughed chefs, creative pop-ups emerged, dining rooms turned into impromptu bodegas, and a number of the industry’s movers-and-shakers went out-of-pocket to provide food at no cost to their neighbors in need. Our restaurants have rallied, adapted, and pivoted to adjust to the new normal.

Today, The Valley’s restaurants are putting precautions into practice by shifting to a takeout or delivery model, limiting guests, and socially distancing their dining rooms. Some have shuttered dining rooms altogether. However you get your meal from the following restaurants, though, it's guaranteed to be one of the best in Phoenix.


Warehouse District

The gist: Using sushi, sashimi, and a series of small plates and entrees as vessels, the latest concept from the folks at Conceptually Social and Executive Chef Gustavo Muñoz effortlessly brings the flavors of Japan, Mexico, Central, and South America together. 
The food: Take your tastebuds on a ride with the tiradito, which features red snapper or octopus, citrus, tomatillo, fresno, cilantro, and an aji amarillo sauce.
The cost: Small plates are $4-$12, bowls and salads are $15-$16, main dishes are $15-$17, signature and maki rolls range between $6.50-$17, nigiri (two pieces) is available from $6.50-$10, sashimi (six pieces) ranges from $13-$19, and platters will set you back anywhere from $20-$43. 
How to order: Open for delivery and takeout only; place your order online.



The gist: Plant-based food that will leave you craving more? Say less. A farmers market favorite, husband and wife duo Maria and Kevin’s Pachamama has expanded to offer doorstep delivery. 
The food: The 100% plant-based menu features tacos de papa, crispy tacos filled with a chile garlic mash, the mexiyaki, a tribute to the savory okonomiyaki with a latin twist, and the ever-popular ceviche de mi corazon comprised of hearts of palm and fragrant citrus. 
The cost: Tacos de papa are $28 per dozen, hearts of palm ceviche is $18 for 16 ounces or $36 for 32 ounces. Plant-based burritos are $10. Additional goodies like mexiyaki, overnight oats, and chipotle cashew creama mac are available on a limited basis. 
How to order: Offering doorstep delivery service. Call (602) 586-3991 to order.

Pizzeria VirtĂş

Downtown Scottsdale

The gist: Beard-nominated Chef Gio Osso is channeling his inner pizzaiolo with his latest venture, Pizzeria Virtù, which specializes in Neapolitan-style pizza.
The food: Start with a red or white pie and round-out your meal with an order of wood-fired vegetables or sharable nibbles like olives, salumi, and burrata.
The cost: Starters range between $8-$16, salads are $13-$15, and pizzas of both the rossa and bianca variety are $15-$19. 
How to order: Offering curbside pickup. Call (480) 663-9797 to order.

Taco Boys


The gist: Phoenix certainly has its fair share of taquerias. But like tacos, there’s always room for more: We’re looking at you, Taco Boys.  
The food: Much of what’s available on the Taco Boys’ compact menu has been kissed by their piping-hot charcoal grill. Expect authentic Mexican fare like tripa, cabeza, and barbacoa, to name a few, at this Downtown hot spot.
The cost: Tacos are $2.49, burritos are $6.99-$7.99, quesadillas are $2.99-$7.99, and plates are $8.49. Homemade horchata is $2.99, bottled sodas are $2.49, and imported beer is $3.99.
How to order: Currently open for dine-in. Order takeout by calling (602) 675-3962 or place a delivery order through UberEats.



The gist: Vecina’s elevated cuisine and warm hospitality nabbed the Arcadia-based eatery a Beard nomination this year for best new restaurant, which is quite the achievement. 
The food: Mesquite-fired elote, while seemingly simple at first look, will surprise and delight every single one of your tastebuds and serves as a tasty precursor for what’s next along your gastronomical journey.   
The cost: Starters range between $8-$16, entrees are $14-$32. Desserts are $10-$12. 
How to order: Now offering dine-in and curbside pickup. Place your order by calling (602) 675-2000 or secure your order online.



The gist: After a too-long hiatus, the high-end contemporary Japanese concept that is Shinbay has made its highly anticipated return.
The food: Beard nominated Executive Chef Shinji Kurita carefully crafts an intimate omakase-style experience that can feature anything from fresh ocean trout wrapped in daikon to artfully-plated snow crab with caviar. 
The cost: The omakase dinner experience is $185, plus drinks, gratuity, and tax. 
How to order: Available by reservation. Reserve your seating online or call (480) 361-1021.

Cotton And Copper

South Tempe

The gist: Cocktail aficionados and adventurous eaters alike are flocking to Cotton & Copper where fancy libations and inventive takes on traditional dishes (and desserts!) come together like missing puzzle pieces.
The food: Indigenous ingredients and foraged treasured find their place in seasonal, shareable dishes at this South Tempe public house where Executive Chef Tamara Stanger churns out unique-to-Arizona fare including charred goat skewers (referred to as meat candy), cast iron bison medallions, and jackalope lasagna; a marriage of rabbit and elk bolognese with oaxaca cheeses decorated with pine nuts, persimmon gastrique, and aromatic epazote pesto. 
The cost: Apps range from $8-$18, sandwiches and burgers (served with a side) are $12-$14, and entrees are $16-$28. Mocktails are $5 each.
How to order: Currently taking your takeout orders. Call (480) 629-4270, place your order online or have your order delivered via DoorDash.

Tacos Chiwas


The gist: Previous experience in the kitchen led owners Nadia Holguin and Armando Hernandez to establish their very own taqueria. And we’re so glad they did. 
The food: You’re here for the made-to-order Chihuahuan-style tacos, cradled in impeccably soft freshly-pressed tortillas, naturally. But don’t sleep on the oversized burritos or stuffed-full gorditas. 
The cost: All tacos are $2.50 each, gorditas are $3.25, and burritos $7.50. 
How to order: Currently open for dine-in and takeout. Call (602) 358-8830 to place your order online or have your food delivered via UberEats

Original Cuisine


The gist: This East Valley heavy hitter is a destination for craveable real deal Chinese food without the frills. 
The food: Spicy duck wings, pork spare ribs, kung pao chicken, and a versatile lineup of Sichuan-style dishes are on parade at Mesa’s Original Cuisine. 
The cost: Starters and soups are $5.99-$12.99, homestyle pan-fried dishes are $9.99-$18.99, and chef recommendations are $13.99-$25.99. 
How to order: Currently offering takeout and delivery. Call (480) 255-7810, place your takeout order online or opt for delivery using Grubhub, Seamless, Doordash, or UberEats.

Glai Baan


The gist: Ranked at the top of everyone’s “must visit” list, Cat Bunnag’s Glai Baan is a paradise for Thai food.
The food: Thai street food is the name of the game. Feast on steamed dumplings, curries, and classic noodle dishes loaded with umami flavors.
The cost: Small plates are $8-$14, noodles from $13-$14, classic dishes $13-$18, specials are $5-$26. Desserts are $5-$7. 
How to order: Currently open for takeout. Place your order online or call (602) 595-5881. Ask about the housemade cocktails Glai Baan so craftily conjures up.

Worth Takeaway
Worth Takeaway

Worth Takeaway

Downtown Mesa

The gist: Jim and Kelsey’s sandwiches and banana pudding can make you feel some type of way. Weekly specials and guest pop-ups also make this Downtown Mesa sandwich shop a local favorite. 
The food: Specializing in craft sandwiches built with locally sourced and homemade ingredients, Worth Takeaway has risen to sandwich fame for standouts like the life changing crispy chicken sandwich with housemade pickles and a honey sriracha sauce. 
The cost: Sandwiches, including breakfast varieties, range from $4-$12.50. Dishes classified as ‘not sandwiches’ are $9-$13.50. Extras and sides are $2-8. Homemade banana pudding is $5. 
How to order: Currently accepting takeaway orders by phone at (480) 833-2180 and online. Delivery options including Grubhub, Seamless, Postmates, DoorDash, and UberEats are available.

Chula Seafood

South Scottsdale/Uptown Phoenix

The gist: Sustainably caught, and impeccably fresh, Pacific Coast seafood finds its way to your belly by way of this modest, family-owned fish joint.
The food: Chula’s incredibly popular tuna melt has garnered the seafood spot cult-like following since its inception. The unbelievably buttery lobster rolls, chef’s platters that go on for days, and shortlist of poke bowls are all worth mentioning, too. 
The cost: Poke, noodle bowls, and salads are $17. Fish tacos, sandwiches, and plates are $11-$20. Platters are $27-$28. Fish a la carte ranges from $12-$20 or upgrade your order with two sides for a little extra. Sides are $4-8.
How to order: Open for dine-in under new measures, carry out, and curbside. Place your delivery order online or call the stores directly; Scottsdale: (480) 621-5121, Phoenix: (602) 354-3599. Also available for delivery via Grubhub and Seamless.