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Pig Festival

Most pig roasts are the dining equivalent of a pack of ravenous jackals feasting on a carcass -- which is great, but for a more gourmet porking, hit Café d'Alsace's nose-to-tail Pig Festival, now though Friday night. The PF's being held in honor of chef Philippe Roussel's visiting father Remy -- an old school French roaster who's in town to pass judgment on his renegade son's nouveau pig style. Philippe's cutting edge offerings will vary each night, but will always involve 2-3 apps and 2-3 entrées, e.g.: stuffed pork ears, pork tenderloin scaloppini stuffed with pork shank, seasoned snout, and breaded and fried pigs feet (oddly similar to crab cakes in their appearance, and ability to damn Jews to hell). To lubricate your feast, you can choose from d'Alsace's 120+ high-end brews -- or let their beer sommelier select your swine pairing for you, and avoid the shame of washing down shoulder with something better suited for butt. Either way, you've got three days to take advantage, after which it's back to the kind of savagery that'd make diehards like Philippe and Remy squeal with rage.