Pittsburgh’s love affair with the pierogi, a lovely dumpling stuffed with goodness, runs deep. The city has a strong Eastern European influence (we even have a neighborhood called Polish Hill) and cuisine takes its cues from the Old Country. The pierogi is celebrated everywhere -- there are indeed racing dumplings at Pirates games. Plenty of restaurants give the authentic and much-coveted church basement produced ‘rogies a run for their money.

Gosia's Pierogies

8. Gosia’s Pierogies

Various locations
Gosia’s Pierogies, handmade in Latrobe, are found at various farmers markets throughout the city. Since these dumplings are mobile, they always seem to be just where you need them.

Laura Zorch/Thrillist

7. The Church Brew Works

A brewery inside of a church with crazy pierogies? Is this heaven? No, it is Church Brew Works of Lawrenceville. Potato and cheese pierogies in Buffalo sauce and pierogies sautéd with broccoli and tomato are always on the menu. A non-traditional prep rotates daily. Rattlesnake pierogies, anyone?

Courtesy of Forgotten Taste

6. Forgotten Taste

Wexford and Moon Township
The favorite pierogi place of former Pittsburgh Penguins stars, Forgotten Taste is a family operation that cranks out traditional tastes -- so you won’t forget! Prune butter -- lekvar-- makes an appearance as a filling as well as jalapeño, cottage cheese, and cabbage.

Laura Zorch/Thrillist

5. Braddock’s American Brasserie

Here’s the thing: Braddock’s only has one pierogi style on the menu on a regular basis, as well as a pierogi of the month. The constant is braised short rib-stuffed pierogies -- AKA magic. Pierogies filled with tender short rib are everything that is good. The pierogi of the month get a little cray with ingredients like shrimp and goat cheese. America!

Pierogi Night

4. Apteka/Pierogi Nights

East End
Pierogi Nights are pop-up, monthly events that star the pierogi -- with a twist. These dumplings, and all food for the night, are vegan. The flavors are always different, like roasted turnip or butternut squash. These popular events have spun off into a soon-to-be-opened restaurant in the East End, Apteka, that will focus on Eastern European food crafted with veggies.

Courtesy of Cop Out Pierogies

3. Cop Out Pierogies

Wild pierogi flavors are the name of the game at Cop Out. Hand crafted by a police sergeant, these dumplings have fillings like pepperoni pizza, chicken spring roll, and lump crab. Cop Out also specializes in dessert pierogies like Bavarian cream and pumpkin spice.

Flickr/Young Sok Yun

2. S&D Polish Deli

Strip District
At S&D Polish Deli in the Strip, you can purchase plenty of supplies to stock a kitchen that would fit right in in Krakow. You can also indulge in freshly made pierogies. The sweet farmer cheese pierogi is a must, dusted with cinnamon.

Pierogies Plus

1. Pierogies Plus

McKees Rocks
Pierogies Plus is king! Its pockets of delight are served all over the city from the swanky Meat & Potatoes to the Polish all-star Bloomfield Bridge Tavern. If you can’t make it to the repurposed gas station (now pierogi factory), in McKees Rocks, ordering online is the next best thing.

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Laura Zorch once competed in a pierogi-eating contest. She ate 17.

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1. The Church Brew Works 3525 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15201 (Lower Lawrenceville)

The Church Brew Works is a brewpub set in a restored church built in 1902. The sanctuary serves as a beer hall, with glorious brewing equipment situated at the head of the room, where the altar once stood. Light shines through stained glass windows, setting a heavenly scene for you to indulge in lunch, dinner, and pub fare, like soups, salads, appetizers, like oven-roasted buffalo cauliflower with crumbled bleu cheese and the crowd-favorite pierogies, with sautéed onions, melted butter, and sour cream. Beers on tap are the Celestial Gold, Pipe Organ Pale, Pious Monk Dunkel, and the ThunderHop IPA.

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2. Braddock's American Brasserie 107 6th St, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

This American style brasserie has all the classics, from starters like jumbo lump crab cakes to entrees like Bourbon candied pork chops. Bonus: in addition to the amazing braised short rib pierogis, there's always a pierogi of the month and it's always killer.

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3. Cop Out Pierogies 350 Butler St, Etna, PA 15223

This place cooks up pierogies with flair, like sweet pumpkin spice and salted caramel variations, or more savory ones like buffalo chicken and hot sausage.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
4. S & D Polish Deli 2204 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Sop by during lunch for the ideal classic pierogi -- a soft, delicate shell encasing mashed potato and cheddar cheese, swimming in melted butter and sweet onions. The deli also serves a special pierogi each day, ranging from blueberry to plum to mushroom to cabbage.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
5. Pierogies Plus 342 Island Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15136

Pierogies Plus is king in Pittsburgh. These Eastern European pockets can be found all over Pittsburgh, from the swanky Meat & Potatoes to the Polish all-star Bloomfield Bridge Tavern. But making the trip to this repurposed gas station (now pierogi factory) in McKees Rocks to pick some up is a must do -- hundreds of these pillowy dumplings are prepared daily by an expert staff hailing from Ukraine, Russia, Poland, and Pittsburgh.



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