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Bamboo Thai
High-class Thai freshness


Packing enough delicious shoots to lure in most of the world's remaining panda population, Bamboo Thai has sprouted up in gigantic digs downtown, where they'll serve high-end Northern Thai and Laotian eats in a swank, candlelit setting

There's bamboo all over this joint, and it serves the dual purpose of being pretty and splitting four large areas: a windowside seating zone, the huge bar, a family-style dining nook, and an intimate, art-filled corner spot for private dining

Lunch and dinner entrees use farm-fresh ingredients and run the gamut from pineapple fried rice stuffed into its eponymous fruit, this Pad Prik King w/ bell peppers and red curry paste, and Kao Mun Gal w/ steamed chicken & coconut rice, or what his buddies call Jerry when he wears his sexy bikini in Hawaii

The two-page cocktail menu features the pictured Samurai Showdown w/ Hennessy & Grand Marnier (the samurais are from popular rap songs, apparently), and the whipped cream-topped Geisha A Go Go with cane rum

Happy hour goes down twice daily -- 3-6p & 9p-close -- and features crazy-discounted grub like $2 wontons, $3.50 pad see ew, and yum woon sen pork at a price that won't make you want to bamboo shoot yourself ($4).

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1. Bamboo Thai 108 SW Pine St, Portland, OR 97204

At Bamboo Thai, you can enjoy traditional Thai stir-fry surrounded by decor that's dominated by, you guessed it, bamboo. There's also a full bar with custom cocktails, Thai and domestic beer and an array of fine wines.

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